November 22,1963, How it Was

November 22,1963, How it Was

“Lincoln Weeping” after the assassination of John F. Kennedy
Illustration by Bill Mauldin, November 23, 1963 for the Chicago-Sun Times

12 thoughts on “November 22,1963, How it Was

  1. The Mauldin cartoon is still very moving. This was probably the most accurate representation of a grieving country to date of any political cartoon. And it still affects after 50 years, doesn’t it? An appropriate choice on this 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination.


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  3. It is one of my first child memory. Our tv was broken, the technician came to repair it and when he finished and switched on the device there was JFK funeral on. I was a little child but I remember it exactly as if it was yesterday. I remember my mom comments, the place I was seated and the images on our tv, the comments about a great man killed.
    I didn’t knew this cartoon but it perfectly expresses what anyone thought at the time. Thanks for posting.


    • Honestly, that’s an amazingly unique experience. And from a child’s point of view, even if not fully aware of what was happening, the atmosphere in the room after turning on the repaired TV, only to hear that, must have been tangible.


      • Yes, this is why I never forgot it. It was my first contact with politics and reality. There is a verse in an old Sting’s song (Born in the ’50s) that says “My mother cried, when President Kennedy died”. My mom didn’t cried but expressed so much sorrow and worrying that hit me deeply.


  4. I wasn’t born yet in 1963 but JFK was much loved in my family because he was Catholic, as are most of Filipinos. He’s the one US president I probably know the most about because of it. He held so much promise for the country and it’s so sad that his life was snuffed out too soon.


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  6. In 2010 we where at a military show in Topeka Ks. There was an ambulance there, which Mr. 70 was puzzled about until he read the sign. It was a Navy ambulance, that carried JFK’s body from the airbase. It was sitting in government mothballs. They did sell it to the guy would did the little touch ups that it needed to make it new again. Now it it gets taken to military shows.

    Bill Mauldin was an artist during WWII and has a book called Up Front about Willie and Joe and there war time experiences, all my boys have read the book and enjoyed his drawings.


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