#RichardArmitage on Radio

In Newstalk – The Picture Show. I hope someone tapes it. Here’s the original link

He talks about motivation for Raymond deMerville,  ( questionable, in my view), but also enjoying working on  Ocean’s 8 as a “bull shit artist” villain who’s fun to play. He worked with all the women on the film, and a little bit about My Zoe  where he doesn’t say too muc, except a few words about the failed marriage.

Said he was setting himself up for old age when his face and body goes, with voice work, and also mentioned Love, Love, Love.

All around  good interview that touched on almost all of his recent works.

Oops – fear of water comes up. Hope someone uploads this for all of us.


Parade #RichardArmitage Can Roast a Chicken – Interview

here  Some good questions and unusual answers.


I am glued to the news cycle; cannot take my eyes of it.

What do you think of Trump and Clinton?

The thing that bothers me the most, and it is something unusual for me, is that I really hate the kind of aggressive mood swinging personality competition.

In England, we vote for the party. We don’t vote for the prime minister or president. We hear a lot of policy. It is changing and I don’t like it. I don’t understand why two people in opposition can’t say, “I hear your point of view, I disagree to that, and here is why.”

It boils down to calling people out on various things, and that is not their job. That is the media’s job. It is their job to be reasonable people who can debate each other. Essentially, they will be working for the same thing. They should be. It disturbs me.

Can anyone normal person, especially a candidate for president, really say she “hear[s] Donald Trump’s point of view”, and leave it at that? I think this is some of what Hillary Clinton has been trying to say, when she said that she has disagreed with Republicans, but those men were not unfit for office. And shouldn’t she be calling Donald Trump out on “a lot of things?” But, I think we know from tweets and FB, where he stands, and with whom.

Also of interest – when he mentioned his causes, and with a mention UATSC, he failed to mention Cybersmile.

Good, general, interview. He can roast a chicken.

Emmy Noms Tomorrow, and EW mentions Richard Armitage

here  Thanks to heather Parrish for the link: (Emmy Noms to be announced 11:30 a.m. EST tomorrow – live stream  at Emmys.com – Ach – I won’t be around)

Excerpt ( Under Best Drama Series – Wish List):

The first half of Hannibal’s final course served up meaty nightmares about self-destructive obsession, enmeshment, and vengeance, sauced with op-art sex scenes, baroque violence, and disturbing, meaningful grotesque. The second half, a novel reworking of Red Dragon, gave us a vital and vigorous serial killer performance by Richard Armitage – no small thing, given our serial killer-saturated pop culture – and pushed the strangest ’ship in TV history — doomed psycho-seer Will (Hugh Dancy), damnable psycho aesthete Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen) — over a cliff in a locked embrace and into the abyss. It was a sublime concluding statement about the dead-end fascination with abomination.

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Richard Armitage Wins Saturn Award!

For Best Supporting Actor TV Series

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