After BS 3.8, this feels good #RichardArmitage

So, it was a Richard Armitage filled weekend for fans, with the premiere of The Lodge at Sundance, and enough press shots and interviews to satisfy – including some good reviews. Still, there are fans like me who are not going out of their way to see a horror/thriller film such as this – which is supposed to scare the crap out of you, and has a reportedly only 20 minutes of Armitage  screen time. OTOH, I felt good this morning learning that the film has already sold and has distribution rights. There were a  fair number of industry and  Armitage tweets and retweets picking up that news.

But the real boost came with the announcement that Richard Armitage is going to STAR in The Stranger, a Harlan Coben based limited series for Netflix UK. This news was trumpeted by so many entertainment media sites on social media – it’s a blitz, and it felt great. This felt especially great, the full article has 51 shows to look forward to, and  The Stranger is not listed first – but the photo appearing first, was this one: 
Believe you me, after last night’s Berlin Station,  episode, SOME SPOILERS SPOILERS coming now – stop reading if you want to wait:   after the whole Miller/Frost confrontation and Daniel with dead open eyes, killed by, of all characters, feckless Steven Frost, I wanted to pull my hair out. I’m still finding a way to believe that Steven Frost is not Diver, or if he was, he didn’t kill Daniel’s mother, but I’m not looking for a way to manipulate that Daniel Miller lives. He’s gotta be dead by now. Please be dead by now, Daniel. If they bring him to life again, after Season 1, getting shot in the back, and Season 3 getting shot in the front, I don’t think I’ll have even a reserve more of outrage left. Meanwhile, join the discussion at Me and Richard to express opinions on the episode. I’ll be chiming in there as well to bitch about the indignity of anybody  being killed by modern day Steven Frost, let alone Daniel Miller falling for the oldest trick in the book. He hasn’t really been a great spy.

Speaking of New #RichardArmitage Projects . . .

Audible just announced a new audio book narration by Richard Armitage. That’s something to look forward to, if you don’t mind not watching him – but what else is there?

Upcoming performances we know about are Ocean’s 8  to be released in early June, My Zoe, the Julie Delpy film which seems like a supporting role and is probably well over a year away, and  a supporting role in The Lodge, a horror/psychological thriller, which is also probably a year away. Both films might languish in No Distribution Land and might have limited release, if any.  Currently, there’s the hugely disappointing and for me, slow as Hell, Wolverine podcast, where one can actually count Armitage’s lines in each episode. That leaves the likely probability of another season of Berlin Station. From my point of view, while I love watching him weekly for 10 weeks ( or 9, as the case might be), the show has been mediocre, the character is still a pretty blank slate and I feel a sort of resentment that filming it has maybe deprived him of some better stuff.

Right now, there’s nothing new on the horizon that we know about, though it’s possible audio books may drop like flies.

Maybe the exposure he enjoys in Ocean’s 8, in a comedy role, will make a difference. Though he has a supporting role, he’s one of the only men in the film ( aside from James Corden) and even though the role is supporting and the focus is on the all star woman heist team, from all accounts, it appears that the plot and the motive behind the heist, all revolve around his character. So we’ll see.

Meanwhile, the landscape is barren, and we wait.

Strike Back. Screenshot from RichardArmitageNet.Com



#RichardArmitage New Audio Project


losat daughter51Qoa7-dzbL._SL500_This time, a mystery by prolific writer, Joy Ellis who’s known for her “fens” mysteries with two popular detectives. Here

A New Audiobook w/ #RichardArmitage?

Is Richard Armitage spending today recording, or is this about something else? If it is a new book, I hope it isn’t Lauren Blakely, but maybe he’s referring to Heather Morris and an already recorded book.

Didn’t He Say He Wouldn’t Do Horror?

I’m certain some Richard Armitage fans whose memories or actual files are archival can find the quotes from interviews – but didn’t Richard Armitage once claim he wouldn’t work in the horror genre? And didn’t he then distinguish Hannibal from more traditional horror? And Sleepwalker, which wasn’t strictly horror.

It just seems to me that on the heels of Wanderlust, and while waiting quite impatiently to learn of his next stage appearance – if it still exists – this announcement of a non-starring role in a horror film is, well, unsettling.  Right now, we have some audio works to look forward to, and Ocean’s 8. No one knows about My Zoe, though I think it will film – but will he still be available? So, there’s no new film on the horizon except this one.

It’s horror-ble.



A Horror! New Project for #RichardArmitage



The Lodge, which started production in Montreal on Wednesday, tells the story of a soon-to-be-stepmom snowed in with her fiance’s two children at a remote holiday village. Just as relations finally begin to thaw between the trio, strange and frightening events threaten to summon psychological demons from her strict religious childhood.

No Absolute Hell for #RichardArmitage

This may be a good sign for fans, since it seems to have already been almost sold out.