Happy Thanksgiving, 2016

It was Abraham Lincoln who proclaimed Thanksgiving as a national holiday in 1863. It was in the midst of a civil war between Americans.  That bit of history affects me this year. Like a small prick.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Perry’s New York Slice – So Far

Re: That New York Bucket List

Within 20 minutes after dropping my luggage off – there I went – La Traviata- West 68th Street.


Did some shopping – not enough.

Definitely experiencing crisp fall air, ( and nasty cold rain yesterday)

Scored that New York bagel.

Doesn’t seem like I’m going to see those changing leaves – but SIL and I plan to search some more tomorrow.

Will be doing lots of laughing ( and have been) –

Oh – yeah -have seen Richard Armitage in Love, Love, Love



That lobster dinner


Coming up – That October Beach and Pastrami.

Have yet to see any Berlin Station promotion, although I’ve seen numerous buses, been on the subway and seen and taken a number of taxis. I wonder if the taxis have shifted their ads – though I did spot one for Graves yesterday. And, I watched EPIX.



OT: Perry’s Perry’s Pizza

No secret that I long for New York pizza, which I miss so much here in Mexico. (Not long now!)

But last night, I went with friends to the best pizza to be found in my corner of Mexico – the place was a little dive with 4 tables, and then moved to a spiffy new location. It is one of the happiest looking restaurants I’ve been in.


The ceilings, both indoors and out are decorated with beautiful umbrellas hanging upside down, giving the place a carnival feeling. Many Mexican woman in town eschew hats for a simple and serviceable umbrella to shield them from the sun. I don’t, but all I have is an ugly dark green Knirps folding umbrella, good for sticking in your pocket, if necessary.

I just had to have one of these, and convinced Perry to sell me one, which he took down from the ceiling indoors. I don’t think his name is really Perry, but then, neither is mine. I selected the pretty pink and gray one on the lower right.

The pizza was OK, too – a good example of the Mexican style. Not very cheesy, but pretty good crust. I went for the Mexican – chorizo, onions and jalapeño.



Why You’d Never Get Lost in NYC – 9/11

Great article and slide show from The New Yorker.

See also:  armitageagonistes.wordpress.com/2013/09/11/rising/


OT: Mulligan, The Cat, Returns

MullyhomeIMG_20160819_084637 copyRemember this?

Eight days and nights , sometimes with friends and new friends, of putting up posters, going door to door, walking the  streets and the hills after dark, checking out the lake area, calling his name,  worrying about him in the torrential rains, and then, this morning at 5:50 a.m. hearing him meowing at the patio door to be let in.

He’s none the worse for wear. Still has his collar and tag. Very hungry. Very noisy ( I think he wants to tell me all about it) and sacked out by my side right now.

The cat he chased after 8 days ago was coming by at night, but without Mulligan. Maybe he led him home. Whatever.

Thanks to all of you for your good thoughts and concern.

Richard Armitage Promotes SimianSmile

At least he’s smirking, but how did Armitage get stuck with the name-specific sign? And,  is  We are Ponzo a riff on Je suis Charly? 

Don’t get me wrong, Perry is a meat eating, leather loving, fur-wearing, but also animal loving, hmmm… hypocrite, I guess – and proud of it. She has always given more $$$ per annum to animal causes than people causes. She wants to free all Willys, save rhinos and tigers and monarch butterflies and stop cruelty to dogs, cats and horses ( and mules and all animal testing, if practical).

She also thinks the chimps should be supported in their old age ( though the underlying article seems wrong – suggesting that NYBC, a not for profit corporation, made millions off their research on Chimps – see, because not for profit means – well – no profit, more or less. This type of misstatement bugs me no matter which side I’m on. It also bugs me that to support their argument to Save the Chimps, the organization relies on the stress, anxiety and death some chimps endured as a result of civil war in Liberia.

It sounds a little like what some Syrians are going through now.

So Richard Armitage, what’s it to be? Chimps or Refugee/Immigrant Children? Or both or all?

RA fans are already hysterically signal boosting to  get the save the chimps petition signed and to help raise funds. Save the lemmings.

OT:Well, men’s fashion was different then!

I got a kick out of this comment on my personal Facebook page, in response to my New Year’s greeting. Clearly, this was before I became interested in Richard Armitage and a bit more open-minded about his footwear choices. ( though I do poke fun at his his shoes from time to time.)

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 11.07.36 AM

carol2Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 7.40.38 AM