Julie Delpy Takes Action for My Zoe

here   But she still doesn’t name names. It’s not crystal clear from the article whether she can go forward without the sexist pigs cash, but it does say she has a “replacement investor.”


Sexism May Sideline My Zoe with #RichardArmitage

here found by @GermanRABoard.

WTF! Julie Delpy claims 20% financier dropped out solely because she’s a woman directing.

“Women directors are emotional, women are unreliable,” Delpy told The Hollywood Reporter. “They told me that to my face in a meeting! They made their decision [to pull money from the film] on nothing except the fact I was a woman.”

Ms. Delpy claims that the advice to pull financing came from some American Lawyer.

This hiccup ( if it’s just that) seems like it may push the filming back, and who knows what havoc that will wreak on Richard Armitage’s schedule.


#RichardArmitage as Batman – We’ve Been Here Before -Even Closer

Listed by this source as only 12th choice is Richard Armitage. They’ve got Luke Evans as # 2. See more.


From Tumblr: synathroesmus

I don’t think I’ve seen Jon Hamm (3) do much action, but he has the look of Bruce Wayne. Jake Gyllenhaal, their first choice, is just too pretty for Batman, IMO, Luke Evans (2) is on a roll with roles these days, Matt Bomer (14) and Wes Bently (13) look almost alike to me, and not rugged enough, Keanu Reeves  (5) and Colin Farrell (7) would piss me off, though he can act. Kyle Chandler (8) seems too nice. I’ve never heard of Anson Mount (10), Jason Clarke (11) is a no for the Bruce Wayne pieces. I’ve always liked Eric Bana (6). Michael C. Hall (9) is one of the best actors among the bunch and has about the same attractiveness level as Michael Keaton. Michael Fassbinder (4)  has quite a fandom.

I think a lot depends on where Batman is in life. If his character is post the Ben Affleck version, then I think some of these actors are or look too young and smooth.

Once a bridesmaid then a bride for our guy? He came so, so close, from what was reported, and he has greater name recognition now than before.

What do you think of this list?

Make That Four Degrees -Robin Hood and KnightFall

Servetus mentioned in a comment that there was an actor in the series who strongly resembled Richard Armitage. Yeah


Tom Cullen


Six Degrees: Knightfall and Robin Hood

This review pans the new History scripted series about the Knight’s Templar, but this might be of interest to fans of Guy of Gisborne ( who isn’t?!)

What things are distinctive and interesting about the Templars are given lip service. Mostly, though, they’re a framework for a story that’s a little bit King Arthur and a little bit Robin Hood (Minghella’s BBC drama Robin Hood yields much overlap) and even occasionally a little bit Game of Thrones, and if you’re going to push the story that aggressively in those derivative directions, you can’t blame me if I’m going to start yelling, “It’s just a flesh wound!” or “I fart in your general direction!” when things get excessively earnest and, in turn, excessively silly, which happens often. One of the great pleasures of Vikings is all of the “that can’t possibly be true” elements that prove to have concrete basis, while Knightfall‘s fits of fancy are more often embellished or cool things from other sources grafted into the real backdrop.

I have a strong, certain feeling that a certain historian and fellow blogger Servetus won’t be watching this one – but if she does, watch out.

Berlin Station Lives for Another Season

here I’m happy for all the fans who love this show and were hoping for renewal. As for me,  I was not a fan of this season at all. I admit, I hope Richard Armitage can opt out if he wants, so he can pursue better projects that are more worthy of his talent and time.

Based on his engagement for promotion, it didn’t seem to me that he was as excited about the show this season, but that’s just my take on it.


New Projects #RichardArmitage portrays a Jew

story here.  Thanks to the RA German Board for the photos and Guylty for the links.

One way or another, Richard Armitage can’t get away from tattoos.

Alas, this might be the only work of his I pass on. I’m off Holocaust works. But, we’ll see.

I think this is only the second time we’ve seen him in red.
I thought I recalled another one out there without a shirt, but if so, I couldn’t find it.