Collider Interview with #RichardArmitage

New Richard Armitage interview with Collider here with lots of information. I know the director said they gave actors back stories for Pilgrimage, but I just don’t agree that Raymond is any sort of religious extremist in this film. Just about everything about him casts doubt on his belief, in my opinion. What do you think?

I would describe Raymond as a [religious] extremist, which is a hot word, but he is. He’s prepared to kill and slaughter and commit genocide to push forward his religious agenda.

#RichardArmitage rightly deemed underrated – #Pilgrimage Review

In this review of Pilgrimage

Richard Armitage is clearly having fun as the scene stealing French villain called Raymond De Merville who is immediately threatening as soon as he comes on screen. His accent is pretty spot on too proving that he remains one of the more underrated actors working today.

Yup. Not much meat in the review, except he agrees with me that it could have been longer ( to explain better).

And – always thrilled to see Richard Armitage’s name in the New York Times calling it gutsy with dark rewards.

#RichardArmitage Latest Interview

here    My Zoe description is a little puzzling at this point. Not sure if the word fiction after science was omitted by accident, but we’ve heard a few different plots at this point. He sure likes his exclamation points!!!!

It Showed! #Pilgrimage Scriptwriter On Historical Fiction


A bit infuriating, but it cemented what I got from him during the Q & A. But hey, the film seems to be very popular so far, so who cares, I guess?

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