Gender Joy: Ocean’s 8 Bests the Male Franchise at Opening.

In Variety  Ocean’s 8 opening box office ( domestic) exceeds every other opening in the Ocean’s franchise. It beat 2 Ocean’s 11, Ocean’s 12 and Ocean’s 13. This just illuminates what many of us believe – who needs 11, 12 or 13 hot or famous men when you can do more with just 8 talented females — and Richard Armitage?


“Ocean’s 8” is dominating domestic moviegoing as the heist comedy heads for a solid opening weekend of about $44 million at 4,145 sites, early estimates showed on Friday.

Warner Bros.’ gender-swapped reboot of the “Ocean’s” franchise was performing above forecasts as it grabbed an impressive $4 million from Thursday night previews, part of a Friday total of about $17 million. Recent predictions had placed “Ocean’s 8” between $33 million and $40 million.

Box Office: BOTFA Update. So Far, worldwide gross $954 million.

So close to that magic 1 billion mark. BOTFA is still in some theaters world wide.


Rich Award Recognition, But Will He Get the Big Nomination?

I feel like breaking my rule and boycott against using the dreaded “atige” suffix, i.e. beardatige, thumbatige, and a bunch of others – and just screaming – AWARDITAGE!

It is just so thrilling and affirming that in a short span of time, Richard Armitage has been recognized, at least at the nomination stage, but also the awards stage, for recognition of his work – all his work – every genre.

For his audio work, His Hamlet Audio book won  the Earphones Award for Best Fiction, and he has been nominated  in the Solo Narration category for an Audie Award, also for Hamlet. ( Voice Work). The Audie Award is the Oscar for Audiobooks.

He’s been nominated as Best Supporting Actor for The Hobbit: BOTFA, by the Saturn Awards people.

He’s been nominated for Best Actor for BOTFA by the  Jameson Empire awards. (voting still happening here.)

He was nominated in the Best Actor category for the What’s on Stage Awards for The Crucible ( Theater)

And now, we wait for the big one – in my opinion, the most prestigious for him – and that’s a nomination for an Olivier Award, recognizing his astounding performance as John Proctor in The Crucible.

Fingers crossed. Nominations will be announced in a few short days, on March 9. After all I’ve heard and read, I will be flabbergasted if he doesn’t receive a nomination for his Proctor.

And some of this means we will likely have a chance to see him live, soon, at least at some of these awards shows.

Speaking of third, The Hobbit, and One Billion – oy – this is complicated. read the article

here Nor really that complicated, unless one is going for a catchy title. (“Third” refers to here)

The gist of it is that  in January 2015, U.S. Box Office receipts reached $ 1 Billion. January is a notoriously bad month for movie receipts.  This is the best January start since 2010.

What helped this along was American Sniper, which had its general release in January, followed by Taken 3 – which was released in January, and the, third, was BOTFA which – and this is the good part – actually opened in general release in mid December. It’s crazy – people are still seeing that movie.


In China, Not Just 100,000 Followers, But $ 100 Million in Box Office

According to Variety

China also buoyed “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.” The Middle-earth finale pulled in $22.4 million across 57 markets, but the People’s Republic accounted for the largest slice, amounting to $20.2 million. The film has made nearly $100 million in China alone, and its worldwide haul stands at $915.9 million.

Chinese Box Office for BOTFA : After second weekend, roughly $ 85 mm.

China Box Office for BOTFA Opening Weekend Soars. Almost $50 Million