Perry Goes There and Back Again, and Guess Who She Sees.

This morning one of my clients sent a car to take me to meet with her in Chelsea ( and had the driver drive me back again when we were finished.) I went there and back again, and I saw almost everyone. Everyone! Sorry my phone camera isn’t great, sorry I was slow on the uptake and sorry the traffic lights didn’t cooperate – but here’s what I saw (nothing on bus shelters and don’t count on me taking subways if I don’t have to – but)

In the glass windows of the Lincoln Center Rose Jazz Center at Columbus Circle ( 60th Street), beautiful images of DOS characters in the windows, some multi-leveled, including a big, beautiful Thorin, in his own window, brandishing his sword. (I’ll be making a trip down to capture that one).

Around 44th street, Times Square, this, which we’ve seen before, but better:

Times Square

Times Square

Ten blocks and 12 minutes later, at 33rd Street, opposite Madison Square Garden, a huge digital display with changing scenes from the DOS trailer. I missed capturing the scene with Thorin in a barrel striking out at an Orc by about 30 seconds, but I got this:

Herald Square

Herald Square

I saw Bard the Bowman somewhere on the ride down also, but I can’t recall where.
On the trip back, I could see from West 17th street as we were going west, a big beautiful billboard with Thranduil. I discussed going back for it with the driver, but it was just too difficult to explain.

And, as we made our way to the West Side Highway, a few blocks south of the Javits Center, Legolas.

Yup, the Hobbit is here and in full force. ( No Tauriel yet- but she’s around – she may be an east side girl).
But still no joy on bus shelters.

Everyone says, New York is beautiful this time of year!

14 thoughts on “Perry Goes There and Back Again, and Guess Who She Sees.

    • Oh to have had a better camera, a little notice and a more agreeable driver! But hey, those ads aren’t going anywhere for a while. Mind you – this was three streets only 7th Avenue and 12th Avenue ( well 3 if you count Broadway on the Upper West Side) – so who knows what else is out there?
      The digital moving images blew me away.


    • I know.Got my tickets! Friday morning for IMAZ ( might not be HFR) and Monday afternoon for 3D HFR).
      And, the day before we will be treated to some award beamed from Spain where Armitage and Evans will be (doing what I don’t know.)


  1. We saw the one in Times Square when we were up a couple of weeks ago to see the Sirs at the Cort. It was a thrill to see it. (And the Sirs were pretty fantastic, too! 😉 ) I saw the one of Thorin and Company there last year … that was overwhelming, in a good way. (hmmm … I have a pic of it around here somewhere.)


    • Someone else posted a better version of the Times Square shot. It was the digital one that really got me, and I am definitely going down to the Rose Center to photog the Thorin. We’ve all seen that poster (one of the newly released ones)


    • Not long at all Katharine. I have a ticket for the morning show on the 13th in IMAX, but now the theater two blocks away announced the 3D version, so I am thinking about the midnight show – going to both.


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