Comcast Deal Confirms Berlin Station S. 3

It was announced in November that Comcast cable had finally reached a deal to carry EPIX, but this recent article confirms that there will be a Berlin Station Season 3. There was some doubt a few weeks back. Now all we need to know is whether Daniel Miller (Richard Armitage) returns, and if so, for how long.

[ ETA] Starts June 13.

Congrats to all fans who can now subscribe to EPIX easily.

As far as I know, still no word on when the series will come to the UK – unless I missed some news.

#BerlinStation Inside Joke on Last Night’s Black-ish

I love the ABC TV  comedy series Black-ish, which is easiest to explain as a show about a wealthy African American family that tries to negotiate life as Blacks in America – they’re often conflicted between asserting and defending their race, and at the same time, engaging in the same conspicuous consumption as many wealthy Americans.  Episodes frequently touch on very serious topics affecting Black Americans, but with a comic twist. The episodes on Martin Luther King Day ( the family went on a week-end ski trip) and Black Lives Matter ( a comi-serious debate about the issue that addressed all sides) are not to be missed. Last night’s episode shared some important facts and statistics about the American criminal justice system and the disproportionate effect on people of color.

Last night, in a conversation at the father’s  (Anthony Anderson) workplace, a very white advertising agency, Dre’s white bread,  racist boss was bemoaning the circumstances of a current employee who had a criminal record. The guy spent his time at a country club prison, which was just horrible. Steaks that were ordered “medium rare” were always well-done, there was only doubles tennis and, the only premium cable channel available  –  EPIX!

I laughed, but I wonder how many viewer “got it.”

As they say, any publicity is better than none.

@RCArmitage to Live Tweet Berlin Station Ep 7 Tonight.

Berlin Station Gets Season 2

here – And I haven’t even posted much about Season 1!

Daniel Miller’s fate remains a mystery for now. I’ve no clue what Richard Armitage will be up to directly after Love, Love, Love.screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-11-46-51-am

Side Dish: EPIX’s GRAVES Gets Good Review

This is hopeful. And gosh – they got their screening at MOMA!

I love Sela Ward – so this could be fun. Described as ” in tandem” with Berlin Station, for Epix’s foray into original scripted series.