Fun Video Interview Damaged-Not Damaged

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#RichardArmitage says, “I’d rather be observed” in a good interview

Good discussion about  skill sets, ambiguity in this film, what might have been real, also touching on some of our fan discussions.  Very meaty.  Here

So  cool, in Sleepwalker,  he smelled different  (cologne?) depending on whether he was “real Dr. White ” or not.



#RichardArmitage in NYC these days? New Podcast #Sleepwalker Interview

here  but starts with Dr. Jekel and Mr. Hyde.

Some new questions, but bad pronunciation of Armitaaaage

Shocker? #RichardArmitage GetReel Interview

here The shocker is that Richard Armitage informs that his collaboration with Yaël Farber for the London stage next year is Shakespeare – and not Oedipus-Antigone. Wow. Well. Which? Lot of fans would like to Richard III. I imagine some, like me, are praying it isn’t King Lear – so whaddaya think? As to the rest of the interview . . .

More of the same as in previous interviews. A complete mishmash over his character and whether he is or isn’t violent or a villain. And, a quite obvious mistake, or maybe an error in the transcription, but he claims that Robin Hood took place later than Pilgrimage.  Not possible. Richard I ( the Lionhearted) was King during Robin Hood. Prince John was a baddie. But that same Prince John is the King during Pilgrimage. Oh well. This came up in his answer in which he says he never played a role in that period – I guess three years on RH didn’t count.

Anyway, I give him leeway where possible in these interviews – especially those at he end of the cycle, because it’s amazing that he’s even able to come up with some fresh material.

Collider Interview with #RichardArmitage

New Richard Armitage interview with Collider here with lots of information. I know the director said they gave actors back stories for Pilgrimage, but I just don’t agree that Raymond is any sort of religious extremist in this film. Just about everything about him casts doubt on his belief, in my opinion. What do you think?

I would describe Raymond as a [religious] extremist, which is a hot word, but he is. He’s prepared to kill and slaughter and commit genocide to push forward his religious agenda.

#RichardArmitage on Radio

In Newstalk – The Picture Show. I hope someone tapes it. Here’s the original link

He talks about motivation for Raymond deMerville,  ( questionable, in my view), but also enjoying working on  Ocean’s 8 as a “bull shit artist” villain who’s fun to play. He worked with all the women on the film, and a little bit about My Zoe  where he doesn’t say too muc, except a few words about the failed marriage.

Said he was setting himself up for old age when his face and body goes, with voice work, and also mentioned Love, Love, Love.

All around  good interview that touched on almost all of his recent works.

Oops – fear of water comes up. Hope someone uploads this for all of us.


Is Berlin Station Out on DVD? Another Interview

here Thanks to Me and Richard.

I think the interviewer got confused. The promo was about the show’s availability on i-Tunes.