#RichardArmitage reveals – BS S. 3

here in this comment, which I found a link to on Me and Richard. ( The whole blog post by Esther is a delightful description of her experience , or part of it,  in Newcastle, and meeting Richard Armitage.

Can’t say I’m over the moon that Richard Armitage is continuing in Berlin Station, at least if no major changes are made to story lines, character development and overall believability.

Correction: #RichardArmitage Wins Best Actor Overall at NIFF

My mistake here

Thanks to Hariclea for the correction. This was a jury award ( not a fan or viewer award) and it’s terrific!! Who knows what other awards might come when this film gets a wider release, as it will very soon.

#RichardArmitage is People’s Choice for Best Actor at NIFF

@RCArmitage Offers Congrats for Urban’s Success

Urban Wins People’s Choice Award at NIFF

This award is based on audience votes.

Urban and #RichardArmitage Score People’s Choice Noms at NIFF