See #UATSC Update. Still Working on It.

Just to keep you updated, the Blenhem Films Shop site has changed since I posted yesterday. Now, both films have a “pre-order” option, only Trash has a price, and neither is available yet even for pre-orders. Obviously, Candida Brady and her team are ironing  out wrinkles on the site. Still very hopeful.Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 9.33.31 AM

Watch Urban and the Shed Crew (Digitally?)

Well, not quite yet, but soon.

Fans have been waiting to see Urban and the Shed Crew since it was completed, before 2015. It was shown at the Leeds International Film Festival in November 2015. Some fans were fortunate enough to have seen it and some reviewed it for us.

Richard Armitage fans have remained in contact with Candida Brady through social media since the film was finished. Ultimately, she has self released it through her newly renovated website’s  “shop”  The shop page is not finished yet and there’s been no announcement or tweet from Candida Brady stating that the film is now available.

I don’t know if the payment option is completed yet. I tested out purchasing Trash and it seemed that the options for purchase were Pounds Sterling ( so far, it indicated payment by check (cheque) but no address was given,) or  PayPal.  The check option doesn’t make sense, especially for streaming or downloading. The site says ” watch now.” It’s possible that the web designer is still working out how to add credit card options, if there will be any. This was the case for Trash. Right now, there is no price or link to purchase Urban, though it is listed. I didn’t go through with the sale for Trash ( which had a stint on Netflix, I think), so I don’t know whether the purchase option is up at all, yet, even for Trash.

So far, Candida Brady has indicated on Twitter that things are happening soon, but she has  not tweeted a link to watch the film, so I guess, they’re still working on it.

I am so  looking forward to this film, mainly because of the performance by Richard Armitage. Fan reviews were middling and also a little vague, since I think writers  were avoiding spoilers, but I’m hoping to see him develop a character and  portray character traits different from any I’ve seen from him before. Plus, he looks great in everything I’ve seen of this.

Fingers crossed.


Urban and the Shed Crew – Not the News We Wanted #RichardArmitage

Picked up from a tweet  reply by Micra (@Pimpi59) to @Chrissyinwm, which (gulp) said RIP Lee.

Here Urban Grimshaw and the Shed Crew is being staged in a small Leeds theater.

Sadly, the article also revealed that the real life Urban, Lee Kirton, died this summer.

Also mentioned, the film with #RichardArmitage 
(without mentioning #RichardArmitage)

A film of the book, starring Anna Friel and Fraser Kelly, was shot 
on the estate a few years ago, but has yet to see the light of day.


It appears that Lee’s death was drug related. Every search I performed on Google brought me to articles about drug overdose deaths in Leeds this summer related to a more potentially lethal strain of heroin, but no names mentioned.

First Fan Reaction In – UATSC

Richard Armitage at Hyde Park for Urban

Richard Armitage Signs Autographs at ChapelFM for Fans at Urban Screening

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