#RichardArmitage Blogger’s Reunion – Why?

So here we are, some of us absent for months or years or weeks, together again to join the 5 or so active bloggers who’ve stayed the course.  This is a collective action – an event – in the Richard Armitage blogosphere. I’m not sure of the brief for this reunion. Why We Left or tapered off Richard Armitage blogging would be a good topic. How We’re Managing the Pandemic is a thought. Or maybe just showing up, because conversation is missing from our lives now and we sorta know each other.

Some of us are in different stages of self-sheltering, and may be coming out more. I’m not one of them. We have no cases yet in my municipality after 71 days of Quedate en Casa, but the numbers in Mexico are not good over all and Mexico City is ravaged. It’s amazing that just one hour out of Mexico’s second largest city, Guadalajara, Covid-19 hasn’t travelled that one hour. Yet.  So the virus just hasn’t arrived yet, but of course, it will. They’re slow opening and I’m not having it. Anything else, we can talk about in comments.

#RichardArmitage Blogger’s Reunion – Why?  Why did I leave blogging, or very drastically taper off? I haven’t lost complete interest in Richard Armitage. I have his timeline on my tweetdeck, I try to see his work, I read blogs about his work, mainly Me and Richard – there’s still some interest.  And he followed me on Twitter!

I’m a demi-lurker.

So why did I stop blogging?  First,  Donald Trump and the erosion of … just about everything that means anything to me in terms of the social and legal principals that make me proud and feel lucky to be an American – even with all my country’s faults, and there are many.  I began to and still spend a lot of time and energy reading, talking about, thinking about, worrying about, the political situation in the U.S. Many times, I thought about posting something about current affairs. I have a modest platform for that stuff on Twitter,  but my identity is this blog – Armitage Agonistes. It’s just me, Perry, but every time I tweet something about current affairs, I sort of cringe when I see my Richard Armitage logo, or even his name next to it. Maybe someone will like what I wrote, look me up, find the blog, and wonder, what the hell? My audience would be limited mostly to Richard Armitage fans.

I need an image right about now.

And I’d already seen that some Richard Armitage fans who were my readers, weren’t coming around anymore. I posted less with less substantial content, so fewer readers came to comment. When I did post something I thought was worthy of discussion, I saw that I had lost readership and so became  ticked off at the time I’d spent with such  little notice. Even the regulars didn’t come around.

So I was not posting about things I was really interested in and what I was posting, no one else was interested in.

And he followed me on Twitter!  I said that already. I cannot figure out the why of this. An accident? Still undiscovered when my tweets come across his timeline, if they do. They would, wouldn’t they. Or maybe he muted me, to save me the embarrassment of being unfollowed.  He’s still there, is all I know. Now, maybe he sees my tweets but is not interested in following any link to any blog post.  I just don’t know.

But, I know this:  his follow had a  chilling effect on whatever blogging about Richard Armitage that I might have gotten back to.







I’ve been following Quedate en Casa since March 18, with just a few trips out for some food shopping with one friend about once a week, and recently, weekly dinners with three friends at home, all who have been very careful and are staying home except for essentials. At least, that’s what they tell me. My landlord does most of my shopping for me.  And just when the first case has been reported, the government is phasing in openings. Testing, I hear, is sparse  in Mexico compared to other countries, but I don’t think we’re any worse off than the U.S. has been, and still is. I’m not hearing that we’ve flattened any curves yet, and some reports say that our peak will be in late August or September. My state of Jalisco has one of the most proactive governors, so things shut down very quickly two months ago and there were promises of widespread testing. I’m not sure that came to fruition, but overall,  my state of Jalisco falls in the middle of the 32 Mexican states in terms of  reported cases, but the death toll is lower than more lightly hit states, and the recovery stats are higher.  Hospitals and ICU units are holding their own – but then, there are so many hospitals in Guadalajara, which is sort of a medical capital. We’re told to multiply the stats by a factor of 8, because of lack of testing and attribution of some cases by the government, to the flu.

The risk where I live is that we’re an hour from Guadalajara, and lots of deliveries and workers commute. In addition, many residents of Guad come here or have weekend homes here, and at the beginning they were not observing any social distancing rules.  Until this week, there were road blocks preventing drivers who were nonessential, from entering our municipality, but that has stopped. Also risky is the fact that Mexicans here have to work if they can and were not great on social distancing or wearing masks, until the police got involved. That seems better now. On the other hand, at least in the beginning, Gringos were also slow to take this seriously.

This is a small community that keeps current with Facebook pages, liaisons who provide good information and almost hourly updates, so we knew about the first case within hours. Lots of shaming going on with Facebook – people reporting when they’ve gone into a store and observed staff not observing rules, not wearing masks correctly, not sanitizing, and the reporting is causing some nasty Facebook threads. The general rule seems to be that if we learn a store is not complying and playing it safe, we don’t go there.

Just then when this all started, I was getting ready to do some work on my house, including a paint job and some decorating, which required shopping. All that was put on hold, but the painting is starting Saturday. It’s easy for me to be safe with two workers in the house. I will stay in my bedroom, which is not affected, or outside in the back, under my terrazzo, where internet works and I have lamps if needed. The workers have an outdoor bathroom to use and an outdoor hose for cleaning brushes or whatever. The fun part – the shopping, selecting fabrics, etc, will have to wait a bit, or be conducted under strict guidelines.

Overall, I don’t feel less safe being in Mexico than I would if I lived in the U.S. – my hometown, as many of you know, was the epicenter of the U.S. outbreak – New York City. And frankly, so far, I don’t think the Trump administration has done a better job than the Mexicans are doing. When I think about social distancing and self sheltering there,  in an anonymous apartment with no outdoor space and long lines to get into grocery stores with empty shelves, rather than here in a house in a small village, in a very close community, I feel better off.  Just about everyone I am close with in NY was able to escape the city to weekend homes where they have outdoor space. All of my family lives in hard hit areas, like NY, San Francisco, L.A. and South Florida.





On the other hand,

There’s a sense, at least how I feel, that we almost wasted those 2 months of isolation if we’re opening up now, because now is when things are getting dicey.



27 thoughts on “#RichardArmitage Blogger’s Reunion – Why?

  1. Thanks for the in-depth update on the current status in Mexico. I was wondering how you were getting on. I guess I could’ve asked here – or on Twitter. Truth is, that whole fandom thing is an escape for me, and I am keeping the real world out of it. That probably also applies to what you observed re. readership on your blog. Of course I can only speak for myself, but while I am by no means exclusively observing the minute (and infrequent) communications of Mr A, I comment rather little on non-RA topics. And while I am interested in the news from the US, I always feel uncomfortable commenting on them as an outsider.
    Well, however that may be, I am glad to read that your community is so vigilant and adheres to the rules by and large. Where I am, it looks as if we are slowly coming out of the quarantine. (We still have most restrictions in place and people are still required to stay at home; the first phase of selected industries/shops opening has only just begun. We still are not allowed to venture any further than 5km from our houses.) I hope everybody continues to stay safe – and sane – until it is safe to resume life as we knew it.
    Thank you for your update, Perry!

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  2. I really think you have been much safer in Jal. than you would have been in NYC (unless you’d had a person to take care of all your business, shopping, etc.) for you. There’s a certain paradox to that but NYC supposedly has a 20% exposure rate (and I can’t imagine what it would be like if it were higher — this is bad enough).

    FB shaming: same here — I follow a local group for up to date crowd sourced info about what particular businesses are doing and while it was useful at first it’s really turned into people yelling at each other about who isn’t wearing a mask. To me this is a non-issue: everyone [who can] should be wearing one and if that one rule were in place we’d have cut disease transmission very significantly. But this is America and G-d forbid you should ask people to do something for the common good. In any case we’re going to need some kind of intervention from the top to get people to behave sensibly — and we’re not going to get it.

    the inability to avoid politics: I’m totally with you. This spring I was spending so much time on political news that I actually had to decide to stop watching the weather forecasts: the combination was making more anxious than I have been in decades.

    blogging RA: it really is a different world than when you started blogging and I agree about the general lack of interest in the sort of things that would have been of high interest as recently as only four years ago.

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    • Because of the numbers, If I were in NY, I could’ve gotten sick before the lockdown, because the virus was spreading with no safety measures being taken. The elevator in my building could have been fatal to me. I would rely on delivery for daily meals, which is widely available here, but I don’t use it much here, except an occasional order from the people who do the Costco run – and as I’m one person, often Costco bulk packaging is not for me. If I were in NY, I wouldn’t have access to outdoor space. Here, I have my open patio, potted garden and covered terrazzo to laze in, read sleep, paint, play on line Mah Jongg, whatever. I also have access to a roof which gives vistas of the lake and mountains. And, as it turns out, Mexico is not handling the pandemic any worse than in the U.S. – maybe better, although testing right now is much more insufficient. Further, Guadalajara has numerous hospitals have up to date medical care, if necessary, and while stretched, the medical system here seems to be holding its own.
      Facebook has been a big help in getting official information out, often translated to English, and the mayor and other officials have specific pages with announcements and updates, which also come through emails if you subscribe. But yes, the commenting is hard to take, especially when referring to many Mexicans, who just have a different culture, and have to be forced to wear masks and socially distance – I mean the locals who need to work and aren’t necessarily supported by the expat community. But business owners who were able to stay open, and those new ones opening, are taking the precautions they’re supposed to – except for those who don’t, or don’t monitor their employees closely. Word gets out. And, this being Mexico, the police are able to enforce against transgressors. Also a plus to living where I do is that there are a number of charitable organizations and pop up efforts to help feed our Mexican community, promote and use safe delivery and special business opportunities for sales, etc., gift certificate programs, and other steps I can take to help the community. For example, once a month, I’ve bought unofficial “future services” from my manicurist, which is just a way to get some money to her while she can’t work open her one person shop. Here, a really affordable amount goes very far to help feed people and pay bills. I’m also able to target my neighbors, the few who need help, specific families or single women on my street. And finally and most importantly, there is a tight-ish community here, including my synagogue, where someone is always calling and looking out for you, asking if you need help, and so forth. I never had that sort of community in NY. So overall, in every way, I agree with you that I’m better off in Mexico than if I were in NY.
      Re: the political situation, I feel that one by one, our democratic safeguards are being dismantled, first the presidency, then Justice, then congress, now the courts. It seems like some alternate universe or badly written political thriller where irrational right-wing conspiracy theorists hold court effectively and battle with the mainstream media. The fight for truth and facts draws blood.
      And blogging, well I haven’t sufficiently pinpointed my lack of interest, but it just became harder to post, and even more difficult to post anything positive.

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  3. It’s good to hear from you, Perry, and read how things are in Mexico! I’m glad all is still alright where you live and I hope things will get better.
    Yes, I can totally understand your anger at current “leadership” from a US president who should have been sacked years ago. I just really hope Americans get sensible again this fall during the elections but I fear that hope will prove to be misplaced. We’ll see. It is funny that just when you try to keep politics and Richard separate, the man actually decides to follow you! I can understand the trepidation to do any RA related blogging.
    I’m glad you popped up again today, it was nice to read where you’re at. Stay healthy and stay safe!

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  4. I also feel you are far safer in Mexico, especially as you describe your community. As you know I live in western NY (the Finger Lakes Region) and we are opening stage two today. I think it is a bad idea but no one asked what I thought 😉 Cuomo is giving statistics for the whole state and as a state we are flattening the curve. However, they have just begun real testing in my region and our numbers are climbing. I hear from all my neighbors how great it is that we’re opening the region and I see at least half of them without masks. As I try to explain to them, the metrics just show they have enough room in the hospital for us. This is a community of 55+.

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    • Thank you for posting Perry – it’s really interesting to hear what is happening in Mexico. And I am linking my reply under Tree as I was so pleased to see her posting. Tree – you were always one of my favourite participants in chats and I’m so pleased to hear you are well.

      Thinking about the politics – I’m heartened to see that we all seem to be on the same page by and large. I wonder why that is? Do you think there are groups of RA/Trump supporters out there we know nothing of? I remember in the run up to the 2016 election I had to unfollow quite a few of my Pinterest follows ( mainly interior design) who suddenly started posting pro – trump material. Sadly it seems I share interior design taste with right wingers which was a distressing realisation. So yes – straying from your core topic may lead to unfollows!

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          • Me too. One or two are, in my opinion, off the wall and the worst example of conspiracy theories and irrationality, even fomenting violence and civil war. These are people, fellow fans, who at one time, I thought of as bright, funny and friendly, They’re not welcome here or on my Twitter feed.

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    • Hello Tree! I Can’t find a blog post of yours. They keep changing what they tell us in Mexico and the State and Federal Governments are at odds, the federal health minister and president don’t agree and so forth. Fortunately, our governor closed things down at the same time the U.S. did or NY, and i think that helped. He didn’t wait 3 weeks from the first reported cases. I don’t plan on going to restaurants or enlarging my circle or going out whenI don’t have to. Stay safe.

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  5. Hi, Perry! Glad to know you are well in Mexico. 🙂 I live in a small town in Utah where we’ve been pretty safe (only a few covid cases total in our whole county) but have been playing it safe and social distancing. I don’t mind people posting political opinions and still follow you on Twitter. I consider myself a moderate independent. Both parties bug me and I don’t trust politicians. 😀

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  6. Perry, it’s good to see you here! I’m glad you’ve found a space where you feel safe, especially during this crisis. I hope that your village remains free of the virus. You know how I feel about politics, we agree most of the time. I honestly fear what’s going to happen in November. As for Mr. A, I’m glad you’re still a fan and that being a fan gives you pleasure. I haven’t seen anything recently except a few episodes of Castlevania and the first episode of The Stranger.

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  7. Hi Perry, it’s good to hear from you. I’m pleased to have another adult which makes 4 out of a family of 5 that can vote. My OH is closely engaged w politics, enough for the two of us so I can escape in drama & fiction. However my eyes aren’t closed and I do see what’s going on. It will be curious to see what will happen as things open up slowly here in Pennsylvania, I’m in Delaware County which has a high count of cases right after Montgomery with Philadelphia in the lead. You’re in a good place over there.

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  8. Hi Perry, It’s so good to hear from you! Every so often, I’ll visit a favorite blog site like yours and others–though not as often as I would like. I’m glad to hear that you’re doing well and are safe during the COVID 19 pandemic. I’ve been fortunate to be able to work from home for the past 2.5 months–with my hubby doing all of our shopping since he has to go to his job on site. And I’m putting in more hours each day for the office while I’m at home than when I was working in my office–which I’m chalking up to my not having travel time. And I’m also a bit wary about states “opening” up, like you–considering #’s of deaths and hospitalizations have not tapered off in the U.S. We’ll see if I have to physically go into my office building in a few weeks, or if I get to wait until July. Wishing you an issue free redecoration project. It’s important to do these things for ourselves now and again. Hang in there! Hugs & Cheers! Grati ;->

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    • Thank you. Painting project went 90% well and it looks beautiful, except for some cabinet work so I can’t put anything away yet. They painted some cabinets shut and need another coat on built-ins. Probably mañana, mañana. Hope you are safe, too.

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