Sarah Dunn shot #Colin Firth #HughJackman #IdrisElba #Cumberbatch

Check out her celeb photos – if you’re in a fandom, Sarah Dunn has shot your guy or gal.

She can really use some help now. There’s along way to go.

#RichardArmitage Sends Wishes to Sarah Dunn: Tweets Go Fund Me Link

ICYMI, Sarah Dunn was hit by a car and suffered serious injuries, including traumatic brain injury.

Sarah Dunn Shoots a Candid of Richard Armitage on Sleepwalker Set

Micra past this one along.

New Photo With New Interview

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 9.18.07 AM
Violet Dutchblogger, on All Things Richard Armitage Facebook Page attributes the photo to Sarah Dunn from this interview. I’m not seeing the photo on the page, but Violet’s information is always solid.

Like the gray in the beard.

Sarah Dunn Tweets a Pic and Promotes The Crucible

New Pic: Start Your Fantasies!

I’ll bet he loves those shoes.

Notice Thumbthing?