@RCArmitage Gives Us the News and a Big Hint

Kudos for him for doing the right thing by his fans.

@RCArmitage’s Tell-tale Twitter? MLC or Not?

Dammit. Now I want to start screen capping @RCArmitage’s follows.

What we know so far:

First – no official announcement was ever made that Richard Armitage or anyone else was appearing in Mid Life Crisis – but all the signs were there, including a tweet from the director that “the cat was out of the bag.”

Earlier today fans learned that @RichardArmitage deleted his rock star guitar selfies.



Then it was discovered that he “unfollowed” the director, Mark Murphy and one of the producers of   (don’t know which producer. Harvey Weinstein is still on the follow list. Maybe someone can fill in)

Fans believe that there is a delay in shooting, since that was the reason given by Toby Stephens for why he was withdrawing from the film. (Aside – I thought the response was a little snarky.)

And, fans have every reason to believe that Richard Armitage will be co-starring in Love, Love, Love in NYC, with rehearsals probably set to begin in  late August or early September.

All of which makes one think that maybe he  had to, or chose to, pull out of Mid Life Crisis.

On the other side of the coin, fan, Chrissyinwm reported that @RCArmitage liked  a joke tweet about Cold Feet, which featured Johnny Thomson, also rumored to be in MLC with Richard Armitage. (via @ RCArmitage  twitter follows and MLC Twitter follows.) But it’s possible that they’ve been hanging together or rehearsing together for MLC in the interim while waiting for whatever has caused the delay,, and that’s the reason for the like.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 8.13.28 PM

I don’t know why Armitage decided to erase most evidence of MLC ( not all – Mike Kennedy is still a follow, and a few other cast, plus Harvey Weinstein = Richard Armitage – DO Not Unfollow Harvey Weinstein!)

What’s next to look for? Either some tweet from @RCArmitage debunking all this, or, some evidence that he’s no longer in London.

If he’s out of MLC, I’m very disappointed. I thought it would be a lark and a hit – and would also make up for the fact, just a little, that so many fans will be unable to see him in Love, Love, Love.

Toby Stephens Backs Out of Mid Life Crisis

Too bad.

Thanks again to Micra for the link.

@RCArmitage Looks Sleepy

I’m guessing Soho, London, and not New York.

Fan Forensics Win Out -This is Almost Insane.