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No Shrinkage Necessary #RichardArmitage

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Here’s where you can donate to agecncies and law groups helping separated families.

Nasty P/T EW Person Hopes to Quiet Things Down

Image from  Servetus, because I’ve been blocked by Schwartz and I can’t locate the Reblog button on Me and Richard. Check out my comments and the discussion there , but feel free to drop a line here. Dana Schwartz is not going to be sorry for thinking someone else should have been cast as Claude Becker, there should  have been a big name, but she may regret saying  that Richard Armitage is a no-name. I think she may now have caved on “forgettable.”

@RCArmitage – Ear to the Ground?

Chatty @RCArmitage Some Thoughts

Lots of tweets on a few subjects in a short period.  ( see below) I was going to say Chatty Cathy, but on reflection, I now think that descriptor is just the wrong side of sexist – which wouldn’t at all square with the woman power  he’s underscoring in some of them.

And then there are two tweets referencing his dad’s teasing about some of the son’s roles. Very unusual for him. I guess they’re doing alright. It would be cool if Mr. Armitage, Sr. follows his son on Twitter. I think he’d get a kick out of those tweets.

And finally, thank you Digital Spy, for giving fans at least one interview on Ocean’s 8 devoted to Richard Armitage. I think the closest we got so far, was  from The New York Times reviewer who liked the film, but trashed the Claude Becker plot line. Haven’t  seen the film yet, but I think he was wrong: revenge and pay back are consistent with every Ocean’s film.

Tomorrow is Ocean’s 8 day for Perry. Very unusual for me, I’m taking around a dozen friends to the opening in our town tomorrow afternoon. Stay tuned. Based on the reviews and my own opinion all along, I’m expecting to be entertained and highly amused by watching Richard Armitage in a totally different sort of role – and a blockbuster at that! Here are the tweets:

NYMag: Wolverine Among Best Podcasts



The story isn’t perfect, nor are some of the performances, but Richard Armitage’s Logan is legitimately thrilling.

#RichardArmitage reacts.

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