#RichardArmitage Talks Twitter and #Pilgrimage




I’m not sure what to make of his comments about the Tweet fiasco back when he expressed some opinions and shared some articles on Twitter over Brexit – but I don’t remember that “most” of the commenters criticized him for just being an actor who shouldn’t have shared a political opinion.

There have been times when he used his Twitter as  billboard  – Cybersmile comes to mind and some tweets about appropriate behavior on Twitter. As for me, while I don’t always agree with his opinions, his status as an actor shouldn’t prevent him from expressing political opinions if he wants to. He just needs to be ready for the onslaught.

@RCArmitage Recalls Visit to Refugees

Update: Looks like his tweet about immigration status in U.S., here has been quickly deleted, and in its place, are two reminders of his visit to a refugee center while he was in Berlin.

Here is a screenshot preserved from Me and Richard 

ETA – deleted by me. This is one of those rare times when what he wants to do, because of these unusual circumstances, takes precedence – hmmm trumps, fandom issues.

He has not deleted his tweet about Theresa May’s lukewarm opposition to Trump’s Muslin Ban.

#RichardArmitage Re-reacts


The first is Richard Armitage’s weigh-in on Trump’s election. There’s a discussion about it here, where Servetus posted it. I saw early fan replies on FB. Almost all were approving or glowing or gushing. I haven’t checked all the replies, or Twitter all day, but I did see Armitage’s own comment/reply in my notifications awhile ago.


Perhaps Richard Armitage realized on his own, or more likely, was aware of some fan criticism. He decided to explain and educate us – because we didn’t know he quoted from the play he is currently in at The Roundabout Theater. Apparently, he thought we probably didn’t read Mile Bartlett’s play any number of times or travel across the country and even the globe to see that play from one to maybe 26 times, and some are still counting. Maybe he didn’t know that fans who missed those opportunities were lobbying hard for a digital version of the play he is in or scouring Twitter for SD shots and images of the stage.

Well, we did. And we know that the first quote is no different than the second quote which resonated with Richard Armitage, for its lack of pertinence to the current situation and the potential future.  Perhaps the word  wall resonated, and a wall is relevant to the conversation – but trust me, no one believes now that, metaphorically, anything like The Wall is going to be coming down any time soon.

Either will any ceilings.

@RCArmitage Plugs Berlin Station – -and what else?

@RichardArmitage Tweets – Interrupts VP Debate

Must have been a SNAFU pre-scheduled tweet – I so hope.

This is what He Chooses to Explain?

Is this another quote? It would seem so.

The fact-less universe of political opinion.

It answers the query whether he meant he “had it up to here.” I would say yes, but then, the best opinions are based on facts.

Still, he seemed to get the message that we didn’t all get the message.

Excuse me while I pet my cat.



Armitage Underscores

Actually, Willets quoting Montaigne. Slow reader or careful reader?