#Armitage fans – Burned by @DigitalTheatre’s Crucible?How to Help

At this stage, with no really helpful reply or action from Digital Theatre, I’m proposing that Richard Armitage fans make a concerted, signal-boosted effort to get @DigitalTheatre’s attention and action – through Twitter and Facebook. (Meanwhile, keep those emails going)

Many Richard Armitage fans, and probably other DT customers, have faced a frustrating time these past weeks trying to gain access to The Crucible on the DT website.  it started with change in Terms of Service, and hasn’t ended yet. The solution DT is proposing is just sending us around in circles, receiving the same useless email responses, IT order tickets, inaccessibility to the site, and most frustratingly – notices that they’re closed over a holiday that ended over a week ago.

It appears that although they are claiming a backlog – not ONE customer has had success. in accessing The Crucible or even getting resubscribed to the site.

You can check here , here  (read the comments) and search Twitter @DigitalTheatre  to read their feed and see for yourself the number of complaints, and lame responses, such as this one on Violet Dutchblogger’s FB page. Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 8.32.24 AM

Individual action doesn’t seem to be working; therefore, I’m proposing that we take concerted action on Twitter for those who are on Twitter, (@DigitalTheatre) and on their FB page (https://www.facebook.com/digitaltheatre/ )

Here are my ideas – I’m open to other suggestions:

What we need:

  1.  First- please start by boosting by bloggers and  retweets, this notification to fans so we can reach as many as possible  way beyond my own followers. For this, the hashtag #RichardArmitage is necessary.
  2. a 40 character Tweet  (also suitable as a message on their FB page) to @DigitalTheatre with #TheCrucible setting forth our collective frustration about their poor customer practices and empty promises.
  3. or an attachment to a tweet in the form of an image that is more complete and expresses our dissatisfaction.
  4. Once we have our Tweets and FB comments in place, a window of time when we can all post -say 3 hours during the UK work day. Tweets can be scheduled for anytime you want using the Twitter app ( I think).
  5. Signal boosting and retweeting of these tweets and FB messages during the selected time period.

Please let us know through Twitter (@Perry3220) or comments here ( even if you don’t usually comment here) whether (a) you have a better idea and (b) whether you have a good 40 character tweet we can use or (c) whether you want to draft a note that can be used as a FB message and image attachment to a tweet.

Let’s face it, and DT should face it also – if they don’t come up with a workable solution soon, it is inevitable that The Crucible will be pirated ( if it hasn’t already) and this fandom will make sure that any fans who want it, will finally get it for their own private libraries. We have some of the most tech savvy fans around, and a very strong underground backchannel. We paid for it – we should own it, but we’re willing to work with DT’s promise of long term access.



The Latest: What @DigitalTheatre Said

As you may know, DT changed their terms of service making it impossible for those who purchased content, like The Crucible, to watch it at will off line.
This is their latest comment after complaints from some of our Richard Armitage fans:

What they are promising is that, if you reach out, you will have access to stream previous purchases for ” an extended period.” I haven’t tried it yet.

Let us know if you’ve have any success.

April 9th on this Blog through History – Coincidence Abounds

Fellow blogger, Herba, followed by Guylty Pleasure, set up a little exercise to find out what was posted on our blogs for this day, April 9, in history. This blog started in July 2013.

I checked my log and came across a post that I’d never seen before. On my own blog! It was guest-post , dated April 9, 2014, written by guest blogger, KatharineD, and here it is. She’s giving a heads- up on The Hobbit Lego Game. It’s quite charming, actually.


One might ask how it was that I didn’t know what was in a post on my own blog. The reason reminded me of something else I hadn’t thought of today: April 9 was the day that I moved from New York to Mexico. Yup, today is my 3 year anniversary as an ex-pat. While I was taking care of business and getting ready to move, Katharine was gracious and helpful enough to keep a watch on the blog for a few weeks. Nice surprise!

In 2015 on April 9, I posted a little news about the Olivier Awards here. The article suggested that the winner was too close to call. Another coincidence, and what I hadn’t realized, was that among the competitors in Richard Armitage’s category was Tim Piggot-Smith ( King Charles III by Mike Bartlett) , who, as we know, died this weekend, and who was in North and South with Richard Armitage.

Alas, no posts on this date for last year.



Richard Armitage Sat Here, and he Wants to Chair With Someone Lucky (And Rich)

https://www.facebook.com/BarbicanCentre/posts/10153747943079193Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 7.36.24 AM

DT Makes Richard Armitage on Stage Crucible Conversation Available for Rental or Purchase (Again?)

I thought this happened already, or maybe DT took it off the website for a while. Anyway, it’s available now for purchase or rental from DT.Richard-Armitage-in-Conversation-final-gallery-prod-headbg