New #Pilgrimage Clip w/ #RichardArmitage

and Tom Holland as a “trainee monk.”

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( Not the first time that Richard Armitage, as a knight, held a bird.)


Robin Hood, Season 1 Ep. 13. Guy of Gisborne holds one fo the Sheriff’s pet birds

No Spoiler: Perry gets disRActed by Armitage tropes in Hannibal S.3 Ep. 10

Engrossed in the episode, a warm, sentimental  and homesick wave of emotion  came over me as I saw the outside and lobby of the Brooklyn Museum, but I knew some of what was coming, so it didn’t distract me much,as Francis Dolarhyde prepares to destroy the Great Red Dragon.

And then, this:

John Crane


And then, in the private archive room – forget the assault on the staff curator – there was this:

gloves off

Screenshot, Hannibal S. 3 Ep. 10, : Dolarhyde uses his mouth to remove his glove.

I foresee lots of photo sets on Tumblr.

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Ten Potential Robin Hoods, and Andy Serkis as Guy Gisborne?

Read at your own risk, and thanks to Catherine Atuono, for the re-tweet. Article Here.

One of the versions sounds a little like a riff on The Night Watchman.


and another, a video game, gives a further example of 6 degrees of separation, Excerpt:

And finally, here’s one that does very interesting things with the Robin Hood legend. We’ve embedded the trailer above to give you an idea of the radical rethinking that has gone into this PlayStation game inspired by the antics of Mr. Hood and his Merry Men.

This game will see you playing as Rob Locksley, the reimagined Robin Hood, on a quest to bring down Guy Gisborne (based on Guy of Gisbourne – a hired killer and romantic rival to the traditional Robin Hood), who is here rejigged into the villainous role of an evil corporation’s CEO. Said CEO is voiced by the one and only Andy Serkis, with YouTuber Charlie McDonnel (aka Charlieissocoollike) playing the lead as Rob, and the multi-talented Danny Wallace voicing his A.I. companion Alan (presumably a modern spin on the traditional singing sidekick Alan-a-Dale).

Your aim is to steal information from the rich and evil corporate types, and broadcast it to the poor and needy. This is a nice place to finish this article, actually, as it really highlights how versatile and reusable the legend of Robin Hood is. Regardless of which projects from this list actually happen, let’s just hope they do a good job.

Speaking of Richard Armitage Videos . . .”Richie is a different man . . er.. horse”

Mat Khal posted, on Richard Armitage Appreciation Society Facebook page,  a link to this HeathDances Video. It’s the 2007 BBC interview of Richard Armitage, talking about Guy of Gisborne’s evolution, prior to season 2. If you haven’t seen it yet, enjoy.


Richard Armitage in Character, I Hope

Guy of Gisborne is really beating the crap out of that sweater/polo he’s donning. I assume Richard Armitage is just playing in character and that in real life he takes better care of his clothes. He must, or how could he hang on to his garments for so many years?

Gently, Richard, Gently. One arm at a time.

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Who’s On First? What.

This reminds me of some of the WordPress comment threads I’ve seen lately. I wish WP would straighten it out so we know who we’re talking to and who’s talking to us.


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