The NIFF Magazine on Urban, thanks to a fan

Thanks to Linda60 (@aka_Linda60) ( and notice the autographs)

Mark O’Brien, What Were You Thinking?

So, the short-awaited TV mention of Urban and the Shed Crew on Made in Leeds  gave short shrift to the film. It’s understandable, since the hosts of Boys On Film, had a number of  films to highlight in a short time, and they were showing full trailers.

Some prep work was done, as we saw the brochure for the LIFF29 festival, which, we were told, was heavily annotated.

But what were these guys thinking, or were they thinking at all, when one of them, Mark O’Brien, trying to boost   the small stature of the film, mentioned that it had some big names – Fraser Kelly and Anna Friel. 

I don’t know how big a name Anna Friel is in the UK or in the US. I would say her name is getting bigger – she just ended a medium-well received, starring stint on an NBC show, which was developing a fan base ( Odyssey – not that one) and is already filming a British detective drama, also as the star (Marcella).

But, and no offense to Fraser Kelly, who is adorable and just might make an unforgettable Urban in UATSC, he is 9 years old and has only ONE released credit to his name and it’s a short film from this year that probably no one has seen. He’s unseen and only been around for a year.  So, how is he a big name? He needs to be seen to get his Dakota Fanning, Drew Barrymore or Haley Joel Osment status as a child star. And he just may, if Urban gets seen. This isn’t an attack on Fraser Kelly  but rather  a factual observation about his current status in the film industry, which is nil.

It’s not just that I’m annoyed that Richard Armitage wasn’t mentioned. Who gives a crap on that particular movie site?  I’m annoyed at the nonsense. I can’t find a rationale for this. I can’t figure out O’Brien’s thought process that gave rise to mentioning Fraser Kelly in that particular context – big names.

In this case, we can’t really say that the oversight was because Richard Armitage is not that well-known. If he’s not known in Leeds, by a movie buff, then big trouble.

One thing I will say: either Mark O’Brien or Made in Leeds  probably got and will get more buzz for their program from one tweet and two minutes’ of air time  than some sites get from spamming non-content for a month.

WTF? Local Leeds TV Highlights UrbanATShedCrew

The news came suddenly but with enough notice for some fans to get a live look at today’s Made in Leeds, Boys on Film @LIFF29 preview ( discussion) of Urban and the Shed Crew. Fans scrambled, me too, to get to the live site, UK only, figure out to share later and mark time watching a chef cooking competition ( ironically one was cooking a sort of Mexican Mole, a piece on an aquarium, and then some weather.

And then it starts. Two twenty-somethings ( cute) rattle away on LIFF29, with some non-information, and then  want to tell you what to see. They start with Apocalypse Now, The Professional, Brooklyn ( YAY) –  Full Trailers for all.

And then Urban and the Shed Crew: ( which viewers can’t go see because it’s sold out)

It has some big names, Fraser Kelly and Anna Friel.

And then the trailer and voice over general background.

And that’s about it, folks. Maybe I missed any reference to Richard Armitage other than in the trailer credit.

Word has it  @Crissyinwm and @RANetdotcom will come up with something for you.  In addition there’s  a Catch Up link on the website if you have access to UK T.V. Again confusing, for UK fans, information from @UrbanATShedCrew  says a link will be available 7 P.M. tonight – but where? It was 7 P.M. tonight in the UK  when the show started and there’s no link now. But definitely check out the “catch up” link. And there will be a link tomorrow for non-UK viewers. I’m sure it will be widely publicized. Hell, it’s probably already on Tumblr.

But really, unless you want to get pissed, I would miss it.

Urban Fans Stay Tuned – Richard Armitage on ELFM Radio, Leeds?

It could happen. Chapel-new-602x400
Check out the venue website at ChapelFM Website.
Fans told us in comments here that the venue boasts a local radio station, ELFM ( East Leeds FM?)(thank you Hariclea and Chazack and others) and it makes sense that though the venue may not be able to accommodate anything like a red carpet event, it is certainly possible that Richard Armitage may have the opportunity to get on the radio for a short time, talking about Urban and the Shed Crew, so relevant to the local audience. ( Thank you Jaydall)

This is pure speculation, but one good turn deserves another, right? Also good news, it looks as though the website hosts podcasts – so we all may get to hear it, if it happens, which is a big if.

Also, on my #ShareUrban post, Jaydall is the first to offer to post or comment here about her Urban experience where it will be accepted with great respect.

For Urban Nov 7, 4 P.M. Ticket Holders – Hang Around

If you read between the lines, because it isn’t said outright, Richard Armitage will NOT be  attending the 4 P.M. screening of Urban and the Shed Crew on November 7; however,  if you’re at the 4 P.M. showing, then hang around after the film, which is 112 minutes long,  and then join ( or start)  the crowd, because he will be attending the 7:30 showing at the same location, and I would wager a guess that he and his companions, will be arriving early to give a little love to the crowd and press.

For others, what time should you get there to see him? This won’t help, unless only a limited number of fans will be permitted in the designated space. screen-shot-2015-11-02-at-7-10-03-pm2

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 7.10.03 PM

Richard Armitage to Attend Urban Screening on Both Days

My reaction to this LFF Tweet was probably not the intended one. Or was It?