Farewell, Fedoralady

Angie was a great inspiration to me when I started my blog. She was almost always upbeat, prolific in her blogging and writing, generated loads of comments on her posts and never failed to add a comment or reblog fellow bloggers.

Me + Richard Armitage

I’ve just had two independent reports (both via FB) that Angie K. Long has died.

Angie was a major contributor to Armitage-character fanfic when I became a fan. She didn’t shy away from anything! I particularly loved her stories, and she was endlessly creative, could make a joke out of anything (does anyone else remember the expression “Victorian Biddy Brigade”?), and in no way shy. If you’re not familiar, I’d mention “Truce” (at LiveJournal), “Guy and Rebecca: The Adventure Continues,” (at Live Journal; slash/mature); and in particular, her “Sloth Fiction” series, born from a joke I made so long ago I don’t even remember what the joke was — although it clearly involved junk food (at wattpad). Her stories are also (still) posted at DreamerFiction.

I was also privileged to meet up with Angie — she was the first online fan friend I…

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