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Hard to figure out how the Audie Awards work these things, but once again, Richard Armitage has been nominated, for the third year in a row; however, he was not nominated in the Best Male Narrator category, but rather,

  • Stage and screen actor Richard Armitage’s charming performance of David Copperfield in the “Best Literary Fiction and Classics” category

Here’s the announcement:

I am guessing that, as with other awards, the producers decide which categories for which they want to submit their works, so I am assuming, with no real knowledge, that Audible decided to go this route.

For example, Audibles production/publication of The Turn of the Screw resulted in a nomination for  Emma Thompson as Best Female Narrator, for a book which would qualify as a classic. On the other hand, the audiobook, Another Brooklyn ( only a little over 2 hours long) was nominated in both categories:  Best Female Narrator  and  Best Literary Fiction and Classics. While available through Amazon and Audible, this audiobook was published and produced by HarperAudio and not Audible.

My point: that Audible  may have chosen which categories in which to enter their work, which may account for Richard Armitage not appearing in the Best Male Narrator category.

No difference, really – the nomination is clearly based on his performance.

Can Poetry Prevail? Audie Awards Live Stream Wednesday, 7:30 EDT.

Remember, Richard Armitage is nominated for Best Male Narrator for the freebie, his Classic Love Poems. But, there is some stiff competition, and what might be considered by some, weightier work. He’s up against John Malkovich for Breakfast of Champions? for example. Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 6.43.46 PM


Bright Star. Audie Nom for Richard Armitage Reading Classic Love Poems


This makes two years in a row that Richard Armitage has been nominated for Audie Awards ( two nominations, last year).

It tickles me that the article cited ( and perhaps, the Audible press release) listed Richard Armitage among the highlights:


  • Stage and screen actor Richard Armitage’s swoon-worthy performance of Classic Love Poems in the “Best Male Narrator” category.

Not a word about Thorin Oakenshield or The Hobbit – just stage and screen actor, is the description given, oh, and swoon-worthy – well, yes.

Also rewarding is the fact that he’s nominated for reading poetry, and not some best-seller or classic that might have a leg up in sales because of its popularity.

And it was FREE! That particular audiobook came to fans of Armitage and Audible as a wonderful Valentine’s present, wrapped up in a swoon-worthy interview, both for its content and how fresh and stunning our guy looked that day.

Congratulations, Audible and Armitage. You appear to be a winning combination.

Maybe they can make it three in a row, after 2016’s David Copperfield. (more about that later)



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Listen to the Audie Awards Live Stream to Learn if Richard Armitage Wins.

Thanks to KatharineD for passing this along. The live stream is on May 28 at 6 P.M. U.S. Central ( Daylight Savings) Time.

Rich Award Recognition, But Will He Get the Big Nomination?

I feel like breaking my rule and boycott against using the dreaded “atige” suffix, i.e. beardatige, thumbatige, and a bunch of others – and just screaming – AWARDITAGE!

It is just so thrilling and affirming that in a short span of time, Richard Armitage has been recognized, at least at the nomination stage, but also the awards stage, for recognition of his work – all his work – every genre.

For his audio work, His Hamlet Audio book won  the Earphones Award for Best Fiction, and he has been nominated  in the Solo Narration category for an Audie Award, also for Hamlet. ( Voice Work). The Audie Award is the Oscar for Audiobooks.

He’s been nominated as Best Supporting Actor for The Hobbit: BOTFA, by the Saturn Awards people.

He’s been nominated for Best Actor for BOTFA by the  Jameson Empire awards. (voting still happening here.)

He was nominated in the Best Actor category for the What’s on Stage Awards for The Crucible ( Theater)

And now, we wait for the big one – in my opinion, the most prestigious for him – and that’s a nomination for an Olivier Award, recognizing his astounding performance as John Proctor in The Crucible.

Fingers crossed. Nominations will be announced in a few short days, on March 9. After all I’ve heard and read, I will be flabbergasted if he doesn’t receive a nomination for his Proctor.

And some of this means we will likely have a chance to see him live, soon, at least at some of these awards shows.

Audible ( and Richard Armitage) Get Good Press for Audie Nominations

The article is here

‘Dexter’ Star Michael C Hall, Wil Wheaton, Richard Armitage Top Audio Book Award Nominees

Thanks to Micra for passing this along.