Comcast Deal Confirms Berlin Station S. 3

It was announced in November that Comcast cable had finally reached a deal to carry EPIX, but this recent article confirms that there will be a Berlin Station Season 3. There was some doubt a few weeks back. Now all we need to know is whether Daniel Miller (Richard Armitage) returns, and if so, for how long.

[ ETA] Starts June 13.

Congrats to all fans who can now subscribe to EPIX easily.

As far as I know, still no word on when the series will come to the UK – unless I missed some news.


Ocean’s 8 Trailer – Finally Saw One on TV

About a minute ago. No Richard Armitage.

Ocean’s 8 has also hit Times Square in a big way.

Ocean’s 8 🎥

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NYMag: Wolverine Among Best Podcasts



The story isn’t perfect, nor are some of the performances, but Richard Armitage’s Logan is legitimately thrilling.

#RichardArmitage reacts.

Okay, then.

@RCArmitage and Ken Follett – Mutual Admiration

I think Ken Follet likes #RichardArmitage’s Narration

Seems Ashley Judd is Back for Berlin Station S: 3

While Richard Armitage seemed to hint at his return during some French press interviews for Season 2’s roll out in France, he hasn’t been confirmed to return as Daniel Miller.

from a fan tweet: