US viewers can get free trial of Berlin Station today #richardarmitage

Currently, not all episodes ( 1-8) are available on Demand on Epix. Only the most recent.For fans who watched Eps 1 and 2 free on some site, but didn’t get to see anything more, you can work it out with a week free trial to get all episodes, plus Episode 9 on Sunday or, actually, with a one week free trial, you can watch Ep 9 on demand – which works better. BUT, this will still leave you without Episode 10 – the finale. I have a feeling at some point Epix will make 10 available in order to hook viewers for next season.

Me + Richard Armitage

Leland Orser says ENTIRE series. On TWC I am still seeing only eight episodes available. The FB ad for this also says “catch up on it before new episodes.”


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Hewson/Armitage R&J is already a Bestseller.

Audible’s R & J: BTS w/ #RichardArmitage

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Perry’s Deep Dark Secret & a Referral

I’ve been making notes on Berlin Station since Episode 1. I watched the first 4 episodes from different locations, so I have notes on all sorts of pads, loose sheets of paper, some front and back because the pads were almost empty, and in my laptop.

Beginning of Berlin Station Notes using Apple Notes -

                   Beginning of Berlin Station Notes using Apple Notes –

I also have unpublished drafts, which serve as notes.screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-9-26-17-am
And, I have managed to get a few posts up and generated some discussion in comments.

Armitage, Del Potro and Trump

Accent on America

Whoa-BerlinStation Ep. 7

I’ve wanted a picture like this forever

And, I’ve been commenting vigorously on a few other blogs where bloggers are writing about it – there aren’t many – but there is the Episode by Episode description with some only some editorial matter, posted weekly on Me and Richard. The comment section discusses fan theories and opinions. [Find these by searching on Me and Richard (link below)for Berlin Station Episodes and they will all be listed.]

But, while I haven’t ignored the series, I also haven’t written any coherent posts that encourage general discussions of the series and Richard Armitage’s performance and role as Daniel Miller.

I question why I’ve spent so much energy on following and analyze the series and all that goes with it as a Richard Armitage blogger – yet producing next to nothing for myself or those of you who read here. Am I afraid of writing about what I think about this? I think it’s pretty safe to criticize the show itself. There is so much wrong with it – but it’s not a total loser. I’m recommending that you read this latest post from Servetus on Me and Richard Armitage, if you haven’t already. I’m only a little sorry to bootstrap my own blog onto someone else’s (I’ve been doing it for years one way or another), but, although her reasons are a little different than mine – or anyway – she seems to have reasons, Servetus is also having some difficulty with Richard Armitage’s Daniel Miller -anyway, she’s not able, so far, to treat the character the same way she’s treated all his other major characters. You can decide for yourself, but I think she’s saying, there’s not enough there. Again, my own comparison is  Gary Fuller  (Into the Storm).

I’ve tried before to have similar or joint discussions on two blogs and it never worked really well. I’m certainly happy, even prefer, to discuss this here – what’s going on with the show and the role and, really, the waste of talent. IMO – it’s not so much Richard Armitage’s fault. It’s the series, the script and the character. It is the decision to take this role after seeing the script. But I’m also suggesting that my readers take a look at Me and Richard short title : Me and Berlin Station – Why I can’t get into the show much.

I can understand why she, and all of us have to get into the show a little – I mean, there are these and Servetus is the source:

There are probably 100 fabulous screen shots of Richard Armitage, if not more. Fans are enjoying some of the best eye candy and future iconic shots that we could want. For some of us, me, for sure, Daniel Miller is so on the mark of our favorite physical version of Richard Armitage. I can’t stop looking. But, there it is no coincidence that most of Servetus’s captions start with, beautiful shot of Daniel Miller [doing or thinking something]. The disappointment is that the beautiful shots  are just about all the series has to offer us: not much to the character and not much range.

The title of this post, is from one of my unpublished drafts on Berlin Station, Perry’s Dark Secret and it starts of with the sentence,

 Daniel Miller, please be dead.

Like so many, this is interesting, but old.

Ha. I’ve been looking for some demographic info on RTC’s subscribers ( all to comment or add to some discussions about the differing audiences for #LLLPlay), and I came across this article from almost 20 years ago. Still looking for something more current.

I think I’ve mentioned Lincoln Center ‘s unusual model – it may have changed or the price may have risen, but for a $25.00 membership fee, you got first crack at their offerings at a huge discount – but you still had to go to the box office or order tickets – nothing was automatically sent. I accidentally let my membership lapse one year, and it took me three years to get back on the list.

As far as Tony Randall’s National Actor’s Theater, it suffered a quick death when he died. Interestingly for us, in light of #LLLPlay, he was raked over the coals for casting himself, in his 70’s, as a 23 year old.







#RichardArmitage -Video/Interview/PhotoShoot



Charming. With reservations. I found it here on Me and Richard . She’s got the You Tube version right up top.

My reservations: I don’t like the turtle neck with the jacket; the lighting ( not his fault) that they’re using for the stills, makes him look a little vampire-ish; his eyebrows look very metrosexual. Very minor criticisms. I expect to see some great screen shots from fans.

So, today, he likes the truth and the best acting advice he ever got was from Kevin Spacey who told him, paraphrasing, don’t suck up to people just get to something from them.

Very timely, considering an irritation for me in the fandom these last few days.

Here’s a link for info on The Jane Hotel.