Castlevania Breaks a Record #RichardArmitage



Urban and the Shed Crew – Not the News We Wanted #RichardArmitage

Picked up from a tweet  reply by Micra (@Pimpi59) to @Chrissyinwm, which (gulp) said RIP Lee.

Here Urban Grimshaw and the Shed Crew is being staged in a small Leeds theater.

Sadly, the article also revealed that the real life Urban, Lee Kirton, died this summer.

Also mentioned, the film with #RichardArmitage 
(without mentioning #RichardArmitage)

A film of the book, starring Anna Friel and Fraser Kelly, was shot 
on the estate a few years ago, but has yet to see the light of day.


It appears that Lee’s death was drug related. Every search I performed on Google brought me to articles about drug overdose deaths in Leeds this summer related to a more potentially lethal strain of heroin, but no names mentioned.

México querido

I know there will also be more donations necessary after the hurricanes, which will be hitting many poverty stricken areas – people living with tin roofs and such on the islands – Potential givers might want to wait and see where they put their dollars, pesos, Euros and pounds.

Me + Richard Armitage

The count of the victims is mounting. My friend Manuel from Ciudad de México recommends the Topos de Tlatelolco (a highly trained volunteer brigade of people in the city who dig out after earthquakes) as a good target for charity (works with PayPal). Other recommendations are welcome.

Rezo por todos Uds. que estén a salvo. Que Dios les bendiga. Estamos pensando en Uds.

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#RichardArmitage Event Lifts and Distracts

Photo from @WithanAccent Twitter – and there are loads and loads of other great photos.

Looking forward to more interviews ( to enjoy and analyze, speculate, worry)

First #RichardArmitage Interview from PaleyFest ( that I’ve seen – Spoiler)

More and Moving #RichardArmitage -PaleyFest

Gotcha! #RichardArmitage at PaleyFest

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