Brain on Fire going straight to Netflix


here  The article is mostly an indictment of Broad Green Pictures, but buried within, is this excerpt. ( Thanks to @RANetdotcom)


 Disappointments include Ramin Bahrani’s well-reviewed real estate thriller “99 Homes” ($1.7 million domestic), Sarah Silverman’s depressive drama “I Smile Back” ($58,000), and Amazon Studios’ Nic Winding Refn horror flick “The Neon Demon” ($1.5 million domestic). “Brain on Fire,” starring Chloe Grace Moretz, debuted at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival to mostly withering reviews and then sold straight to streaming platform Netflix, with no theatrical release.

The good news for Richard Armitage fans is that thousands of fans will be able to find and see his performance.

For Valentine’s Day, A hint, a tease or a wish?

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CelebRAte Love, and multitask.

   Thorin Oakenshield looks a little overdressed in his furs for the balmy weather on the shores of Lake Chapala, in San Juan Cosala, Mx,,  on a day spent at one of our local thermal water spas. This offering celebrates fan love and some passion for Richard Armitage, since it took me  few years to get my hands on a hard copy. That magazine was handed to me in NYC but none other than fan love promoter, Guylty Pleasure, and if you look carefully, you can also see that I finally fulfilled her “ask” that we display our RA badges in our home towns or some local point of interest.

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And, who couldn’t use a little chocolate on V-day, especially Thornton chocolates? – another treat from Guylty P.


Happy Valentine’s Day to all my friends in fandom,


Sleepwalker Review by Sleepy Critic?

here It’s the review from The Hollywood Reporter, and I noticed it had the time posted as 2 a.m. Pacific Time yesterday – so maybe the critic was cranky or overtired. Maybe, like Trump, he likes to get his zingers out in the early hours of the morning. Sad.

Surprised that, with this review, he even relegated it to art house.

Here’s hoping for some more positive opinions to come.

Strange Categorization -Audie Nom for #RichardArmitage


David Copperfield logo from Audible

Hard to figure out how the Audie Awards work these things, but once again, Richard Armitage has been nominated, for the third year in a row; however, he was not nominated in the Best Male Narrator category, but rather,

  • Stage and screen actor Richard Armitage’s charming performance of David Copperfield in the “Best Literary Fiction and Classics” category

Here’s the announcement:

I am guessing that, as with other awards, the producers decide which categories for which they want to submit their works, so I am assuming, with no real knowledge, that Audible decided to go this route.

For example, Audibles production/publication of The Turn of the Screw resulted in a nomination for  Emma Thompson as Best Female Narrator, for a book which would qualify as a classic. On the other hand, the audiobook, Another Brooklyn ( only a little over 2 hours long) was nominated in both categories:  Best Female Narrator  and  Best Literary Fiction and Classics. While available through Amazon and Audible, this audiobook was published and produced by HarperAudio and not Audible.

My point: that Audible  may have chosen which categories in which to enter their work, which may account for Richard Armitage not appearing in the Best Male Narrator category.

No difference, really – the nomination is clearly based on his performance.