@RCArmitage on Manchester Tragedy

EPIX Selects Pilot of Berlin Station FYC-Emmys.


The article says EPIX might submit a different episode for actual consideration. I don’t know which episode I would choose – but not the the Pilot.

Role Info on Oceans 8 #RichardArmitage

A little confusing. I think it says Damian Lewis (name not in bold) plays the lover, and Armitage plays Claude, who must be the target or villain. So much for our idea that Armitage took over the Damian Lewis role.

The story revolves around a young lady, Debbie, who tries to pull off the heist of the century at the Met Gala. For this, she teams up with Lou, Daphne, Rose, Nina, Amita, Constance, and Tammy, and moves on with her mission.

Damian Lewis, Richard Armitage, and James Corden play Debbie’s lover, Claude, and the insurance broker, respectively. Olivia Munn, Carl Reiner, Zac Posen, Serena Williams, and Hailey Baldwin will make cameo appearances in the movie.

Pilgrimage Gets Into Galway Film Festival

here  Thanks to @Faboamanto for the tweet lead.

Screenshot from  Servetus, here ( caution – major spoilers in the linked post)

Side Dish: Mike Bartlett’s King Charles III -Reminder 5/10 & 5/14


To be shown in BBC 2 and PBS, here . FYI, for those  of you outside the UK or US with a ROKU box, or maybe some other device to watch live TV ( Android, etc. smart tv), there is a channel on ROKU called FilmonTV. It’s a free channel that has live TV selections from several countries – including UK. ( It’s the first selection). That channel has BBC2, live.

I’ll be able to watch it at 3 P.M. my time tomorrow, which is pretty near perfect, as 3 P.M. begins the hottest part of the day, now they we are in “the hot season” here in Mexico.

Photos: #RichardArmitage on Set for BS2?

What’s with that hair style?


#BerlinStation Filming Moves to Spain

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