Did someone already post this?

Zan offers a link to an inside look and virtual tour of the Laura Pels Theater where L3 will be. I haven’t seen it before. Maybe you haven’t either.

Well, There You Go ...

I’m totally stoked about L3.  This is something I’ve been waiting for since, well, since Mr. Tall Dark’n’Handsome youtubed (yeah, I totally verbified YouTube, don’t yell at me😉 ) his way into my life oh so many moons ago.  I seem to remember a remark I made during a chat a few years ago, something along the lines of “if he ever does a NYC play, I could be in big trouble.”

Well, you saw my reaction when it was confirmed.  Bless my ever-enduring hubby.🙂  (Who, if the play is something he might like, might be convinced to venture up to NYC once again after I see it. *fingers crossed*)

So, tonight, as I’m recovering from an emergency dental appointment (nothing crazy, but I don’t do any type of anesthesia well, even novocaine, and it takes an extended time for the effects to wear off), I thought…

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LLL Rehearsals – So Far, So Good

Darren Johnston is Assistant Director

Who’s Going? Brain on Fire TIFF Screening Dates




Hello Richard Armitage Canadian and other North American fans. Brain on Fire will have 3 screenings at TIFF, only one of them now listed  for the public.

On Wednesday, September 14,  press and industry will see the premiere.

On Friday, September 16 at 1:1 5 there is a showing for Press and Industry and at  6 P.M. Premium tickets are available for the public – on sale now, I think.

On Saturday, September 17 at 6 P.M. it appears there is another press and industry screening.

This is the most I could make from the information on line, except that TIFF offers rush tickets(last minute – 10 minutes before) and free tickets to some screenings. here Or – you might be able to purchase a small package that will give you a chance to see BOF and some other films ( not sure of this).

My guess is that with three industry showings, there is a good chance rush tickets might be available for the private performances.

Reviews might come as early as September 14 unless there is some embargo.

So, who’s thinking of going?

LOVEx3 Rehearsal Day 1! First Read-Through

Heather Parrish’s take on LX3 first day.

Fully Grown-Up Fangirl

First day of rehearsal! Woo hoo! Nothing gets a performer’s blood pumping like “First Rehearsal!”

And it sounds like Richard had a good one. Based on a few clues from the Armitage-osphere, I’m going to hazard a guess that they had a fairly traditional first day as a company. That’s based on two things: the press photos early-ish in the day and the cookies.

Typically the first meeting of cast and team is full of nervous energy and high hopes. Especially if the members don’t know each other too well. So let’s walk through one such hypothetical first rehearsal.


Believe it or not, most cast members are pretty nervous, no matter how experienced they are. Resident companies usually know each other very well…

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@RCArmitage: Everything’s Better With Bacon


Yum – maybe Schmackarys Maple & Bacon? There’s a store right in the neighborhood

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 1.58.23 AM