Nice Pic, New to Me. Brain on Fire

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The Wine’s Too Close to the Stove

Brain on Fire going straight to Netflix


here  The article is mostly an indictment of Broad Green Pictures, but buried within, is this excerpt. ( Thanks to @RANetdotcom)


 Disappointments include Ramin Bahrani’s well-reviewed real estate thriller “99 Homes” ($1.7 million domestic), Sarah Silverman’s depressive drama “I Smile Back” ($58,000), and Amazon Studios’ Nic Winding Refn horror flick “The Neon Demon” ($1.5 million domestic). “Brain on Fire,” starring Chloe Grace Moretz, debuted at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival to mostly withering reviews and then sold straight to streaming platform Netflix, with no theatrical release.

The good news for Richard Armitage fans is that thousands of fans will be able to find and see his performance.

Brain on Fire Gets World-Wide Release

here  picked up from @mooseturds on Twitter.

So, for 2017, it looks like we have BOF, possibly ( I predict) Pilgrimage and Berlin Station (Season 2 and Season 1 Int’l) that we might actually get to see.  Also possible ( just  hunch) that Urban and the Shed Crew might make it to some streaming platform. There was a recently announced showing in some small UK town.  Sleepwalker is still asleep. No word on the status of Bridget Cleary.

Remember Brain on Fire/ – blogger’s review

Found by Servetus here.

i’m going to say that I disagree with some of the blogger’s opinion. I understand that Dr.Najjir was well loved by Susannah Cahalan and that she felt he was the first medical professional to see her as a person – but, he was also the first one to have knowledge of her condition and to suspect it right off. For him, it was an easy fix.