Comcast Deal Confirms Berlin Station S. 3

It was announced in November that Comcast cable had finally reached a deal to carry EPIX, but this recent article confirms that there will be a Berlin Station Season 3. There was some doubt a few weeks back. Now all we need to know is whether Daniel Miller (Richard Armitage) returns, and if so, for how long.

[ ETA] Starts June 13.

Congrats to all fans who can now subscribe to EPIX easily.

As far as I know, still no word on when the series will come to the UK – unless I missed some news.

Seems Ashley Judd is Back for Berlin Station S: 3

While Richard Armitage seemed to hint at his return during some French press interviews for Season 2’s roll out in France, he hasn’t been confirmed to return as Daniel Miller.

from a fan tweet:

#RichardArmitage reveals – BS S. 3

here in this comment, which I found a link to on Me and Richard. ( The whole blog post by Esther is a delightful description of her experience , or part of it,  in Newcastle, and meeting Richard Armitage.

Can’t say I’m over the moon that Richard Armitage is continuing in Berlin Station, at least if no major changes are made to story lines, character development and overall believability.

Berlin Station Lives for Another Season

here I’m happy for all the fans who love this show and were hoping for renewal. As for me,  I was not a fan of this season at all. I admit, I hope Richard Armitage can opt out if he wants, so he can pursue better projects that are more worthy of his talent and time.

Based on his engagement for promotion, it didn’t seem to me that he was as excited about the show this season, but that’s just my take on it.


Collider Interview with #RichardArmitage

New Richard Armitage interview with Collider here with lots of information. I know the director said they gave actors back stories for Pilgrimage, but I just don’t agree that Raymond is any sort of religious extremist in this film. Just about everything about him casts doubt on his belief, in my opinion. What do you think?

I would describe Raymond as a [religious] extremist, which is a hot word, but he is. He’s prepared to kill and slaughter and commit genocide to push forward his religious agenda.

Berlin Station at TCA – New Article


This has more information than I’ve read so far about the intentions of the series. Here’s an excerpt from Ashley Judd, which I found problematic.

“And in addition to BB being a wonderful, strong female leader, the cast is populated with the likes of Keke, who is obviously so well-spoken, and Michelle Forbes, who is a fantastic actor and an experienced agent on the show, and then you saw Nina, and she plays the head of German intelligence, so you have the four of us giving us, through entertainment, a real look at what the world should actually be like in the 21st century.”

Girl, think before you speak.

EPIX Selects Pilot of Berlin Station FYC-Emmys.


The article says EPIX might submit a different episode for actual consideration. I don’t know which episode I would choose – but not the the Pilot.