YES! Cannes – Here They Come

We thought so. Now we know so. Both Pilgrimage and Brain on Fire will be screened and marketed at the Cannes International Film Festival. ( I’m assuming they’ll be screened.)

I predict or anyway, have very high hopes, that both, but especially Pilgrimage, will find distributors.  Now and  in the past, It’s been described as an epic, very violent, and an action film. What can be bad? Oh, and it has Richard Armitage.

Brain on Fire, which I would take or leave, probably leave, if it weren’t for Richard Armitage, has Chloe Grace Moretz, who is just all over Twitter and late night shows these days, and, as we know, the power of Charlize Theron behind it.

Cannes- Announced List Will be Missing 4 Films – So still a chance for Urban

so, RA_Central tells me. ( I thought he said something about not all the films being announced right now.

Urban and the Shed Crew: Didn’t Make Cannes – so Far

seems like the list was leaked last night, and the leaked list is following the live announcement. There was some word by the announcer, if I understood it, that a few more may be added. Not sure about that. Two other films mentioned seemed to have similar themes to Urban and the Shed Crew.

Urging Urban on: Reminder – Cannes Film Fest. Announces Full Line-up

Watch the live stream of announcements tomorrow at 11 a.m. Cannes Time ( 5 a.m. EST)