#RichardArmitage Talks Twitter and #Pilgrimage




I’m not sure what to make of his comments about the Tweet fiasco back when he expressed some opinions and shared some articles on Twitter over Brexit – but I don’t remember that “most” of the commenters criticized him for just being an actor who shouldn’t have shared a political opinion.

There have been times when he used his Twitter as  billboard  – Cybersmile comes to mind and some tweets about appropriate behavior on Twitter. As for me, while I don’t always agree with his opinions, his status as an actor shouldn’t prevent him from expressing political opinions if he wants to. He just needs to be ready for the onslaught.

The Chair’s Not There @RCarmitage

For some reason, Richard Armitage deleted his tweet with a photo of his ( or Daniel Miller’s) personal on set chair from Twitter.

But, it’s still on his Facebook page

and on Berlin Station’s its Instagram page, which is where Richard Armitage got it from.

Thus, after the flare up this week about Richard Armitage retweeting KekePalmer’s tweet containing a racial slur and here, as well as on Twitter and other platforms, how curious that Richard Armitage deleted a harmless, well received tweet.

BTW, I note that Berlin Station, which has retweeted most of its cast tweets, did not RT the KekePalmer video tweet nor post it on its FB page.


@RCArmitage Tries to Shut it Down and Blame Will Follow.

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Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 6.20.52 PM

In case you missed it – (did any fan miss it) Richard Armitage, in a highly unusual action, announced what it means when he deletes a tweet – which we all know he does serially. What it means is that he wants the conversation, and particularly the “analysis”of his deleted tweet to end. Basically Shut the F Up.

This was hard news for those of us who are frequently accused of over-analyzing @RCArmitage’s tweets and other writings.as well as for fans who now and then have a beef with him or other fans about his Twittering and untwittering. Not because the practice would cease ( see also) and be sure to check out the analysis and discussion in the comments,. Why it was hard news, as far as I’m concerned, is (1) I am one of those fans who needs to talk about, discuss and debate – to analyze – his writings, and (2) by his tweet, he’s telling fans that, for him, it’s not okay to do that.

And we know what happens when Richard Armitage tells his fans something’s not okay, or, on the other hand, directs us to do some affirmative act, or have some particular feeling – it causes a huge conflict and flame in the fandom. No doubt, some of us will be blamed for this latest deletion

This is not okay, and some fans have been expressing that view since he became vocal on Twitter.

Now, maybe he rethought his position and realized just how authoritarian he sounded in his tweet and wanted to take it back. I don’t think so – because the way to do that would’ve been to tweet some sort of clarification.

No. The only way to read his deletion, together with the deleted tweet, is that he wants to end the analysis and discourse about his desire to police the fandom.

This is not okay with me, and I particularly resent it when just a day or so ago, this fandom was in delirious joy over the final announcement about Love, Love, Love and a new audiobook.

I’ve been spending the day – days really, thinking about, researching and writing about how to enhance all lucky fans’ New York City experience using their carefully squirreled away funds, how to get tickets, get better tickets, go to the stage door, so we can see him – watch him perform, live out his dream. And now this.

Richard Armitage – even your sometimes critical fans are spending a lot of dough – in some cases thousands, to see you live out your dream in New York City.

Richard Armitage – You know – you have to know, that you can’t shut down a discussion by deleting a tweet – so why do it except to express extreme displeasure towards a segment of your fandom that frankly, NEVER BULLIES. We are not the bullies. You create the bullies and the unkind, uncivil Twitter behavior when you interfere.

Get Smarter.

RCArmitage – We Figured This Out

But, you won’t be able to end the analysis.

@RCArmitage Take the Heat, But Balks at Throwing Shade.


Bug offScreen Shot 2016-07-03 at 8.33.08 PM


Perfect record spoiled. Richard Armitage deleted this tweet after a relatively long period of staying put on Twitter. Perhaps he shouldn’t have answered at all and this would have been one of a smallish number of critical replies to his political statements, quickly forgotten. Had I seen the tweet when it was posted, I would have anticipated it’s deletion – with great regret.

Maybe he was drinking beer when he read and responded to the tweet and he let his guard down, thus permitting his raw emotions to take over.  Guess what. This tweet did more to show me his humanity than any other tweet or message to date. It was only a skosh snarky. He defended his right and rightful place to speak out on the issues that matter to him and are occupying so many of his thoughts these days. It leads me to hope that he won’t shy away from more tweets expressing his opinions.

Unfortunately, he was uncomfortable with it and deleted his reply. Perhaps he thought it wasn’t as nice as likes to be on Twitter. [A]cting pays the rent, is one way of saying that acting is his profession, but he’s also an individual -a person – with valid opinions that he wants  and has every right, to share. Good and true sentiment; however, the exact phrase can also be interpreted as belittling the import of his profession to him. Acting may be a job and it certainly does pay the rent – but I choose to believe that to Richard Armitage, it’s  more than a paycheck. I think of him as an artist with a calling: he thinks of himself as an artist; I think he wants us to think of him as an artist. I believe that at this moment in his life and career, he is compelled to act. Acting pays the rent doesn’t reflect the artistic need, the compulsion, the calling, that  I choose to see in him or that I think he wants to project.

Perhaps the tweeter, herself, was getting a lot of negative replies from aggressive fans, and he decided to put a stop to that ( doesn’t work if her tweet is still up there.) I, for one, think what she said was okay. It was her own opinion. don’t agree with her sentiment in this case ( sometimes I do feel I don’t want him using his influence -especially with this fandom), but I don’t think she was rude.

He may also have realized that his reply did not fully address the tweeter’s beef – that he was using undue influence to drum up votes for Theresa May, because of his celebrity. IMO, it’s just one opinion that actors shouldn’t talk about politics. I think they have every right to speak out on what issues they wish. If he has influence and the issues are important to him, and this definitely is, why not? Celebrities have been appearing with candidates to support them since forever. They may take the heat from opponents, but that’s to be expected. If Richard Armitage wants this woman to win her party’s leadership and he thinks he can influence some public opinion – why not? Why, as a celebrity, should he have fewer rights than any other citizen who wants his or her opinion known? As long as he’s willing to take the heat .

I think he was willing to take the heat – just not willing to throw the shade.