Strike Back: Gerry’s Back! Tonight

A favorite character of mine and others on tonight’s episode – Gerry Baxter.  Provided by Crave on Line ( they’ve also been reviewing episodes of Strike Back Origins)

6 thoughts on “Strike Back: Gerry’s Back! Tonight

  1. This episode is one I am particularly hung up on, for which I can’t specifically place my finger on as to why. I’d just as soon keep things at arms length, for obvious reasons. I hope you don’t mind, but I needed to get that off my chest…I’ve been keeping it pretty close…very close.

    And…forgive me. 😉

    But, yeah…so…Richard and Ewen Bremner had good chemistry as a buddy team. Interesting how they worked together on Spooks, but the characters weren’t in direct contact much there. I have found Ewen of interest since Trainspotting, but wasn’t sure his career would be strong. I’m glad to note that he works much these days.


    • Don’t stop here. Sounds like there’s more to say, but might be more appropriate on the post I just published. Feel free to get started there.I really like Ewen Bremner in this ( and in Spooks -similar characters).I didn’t know him at all before these performances.And, I was racking my brains to figure out where I’d seen Toby Stephens before, and it finally hit me.


      • Right. It’s the American accent – it throws you off. 😉

        Yes, aside from his stint as Prince John, he was a wonderful Mr. Rochester. Good acting genes, certainly. And he is one of my favorite Gingers…just outside of Fassbender and Hiddleston. 🙂


        • I am definitely not a fan of red headed men. Auburn, OK. It wasn’t the American Accent because I knew I knew him from something Armitage was in. I just couldn’t place it. I have this same trouble all the time – the ” Oh it’s that guy trope.” But, thanks to google and IMDb, I can get answers quickly.


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