Speaking of New #RichardArmitage Projects . . .

Audible just announced a new audio book narration by Richard Armitage. That’s something to look forward to, if you don’t mind not watching him – but what else is there?

Upcoming performances we know about are Ocean’s 8  to be released in early June, My Zoe, the Julie Delpy film which seems like a supporting role and is probably well over a year away, and  a supporting role in The Lodge, a horror/psychological thriller, which is also probably a year away. Both films might languish in No Distribution Land and might have limited release, if any.  Currently, there’s the hugely disappointing and for me, slow as Hell, Wolverine podcast, where one can actually count Armitage’s lines in each episode. That leaves the likely probability of another season of Berlin Station. From my point of view, while I love watching him weekly for 10 weeks ( or 9, as the case might be), the show has been mediocre, the character is still a pretty blank slate and I feel a sort of resentment that filming it has maybe deprived him of some better stuff.

Right now, there’s nothing new on the horizon that we know about, though it’s possible audio books may drop like flies.

Maybe the exposure he enjoys in Ocean’s 8, in a comedy role, will make a difference. Though he has a supporting role, he’s one of the only men in the film ( aside from James Corden) and even though the role is supporting and the focus is on the all star woman heist team, from all accounts, it appears that the plot and the motive behind the heist, all revolve around his character. So we’ll see.

Meanwhile, the landscape is barren, and we wait.

Strike Back. Screenshot from RichardArmitageNet.Com



4 thoughts on “Speaking of New #RichardArmitage Projects . . .

  1. aww, Porter…sigh… and yes i fear the upcoming drought after Ocean’s 8. But at least that will be enjoyable and the man seems to never stop reading books which is fine by me, at least if i don’t much like one i can move on to the next. Equally disappointed in Wolverine Long Night (loooong and boooring…) and annoyed i accidentally paid for a 1 year subscription because i couldn’t find an option when i signed on that would allow monthly payment installments. Found that rather weird in today’s world where everyone allows you to subscribe month by month. So now stuck with an full year thing. I’ll have to explore what other podcasts they may have so i don’t feel i have wasted £33 good pounds 😦 But the work on that could have hardly costed him more than 1 day, 2 at max.. considering we have what, 2-3 eps to go? Anyway, i’ve got around 1h of the Angela Carter thing to go and i will probably go back to Puss in Boots as i listened on travel and snoozed through.

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  2. Same here! It’s disappointing to see someone So talented, versatile & gorgeous like him have such few upcoming projects. I just can’t understand ‘Why’?? Now I do realize that he must be choosy himself too, since he would prefer Quality over Quantity in terms of roles/projects & I respect him for that, but still…(I just reeealllly wanna keep watching him onscreen!) And if it’s disheartening for us, his fans/well wishers, I can only imagine how disappointing it must be for the man himself too, to not get enough Quality projects offered to him. I sincerely hope that he’ll get some good, big & interesting new roles soon. For now I guess it’s back to watching Strike Back, Spooks & N & S Reruns for me & Berlin Station! Plus I still haven’t had a chance to watch the Crucible & Urban yet, so there’s something to look forward to, right? 🙂 🙂 Will also check out Ocean’s 8 for sure!! P.S. Porter was/is 1 of my Top Favorite RA characters & I simply loved him in SB Origins! I especially ADORED him in the scenes when he goes to rescue Katie. He’s So Strong & Protective and yet so Kind & Gentle with her! The Perfect combination 😉 *Swoon* I could watch those scenes a million times & not get tired, LoL!!!


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