Armitage: “The Daniel Day Lewis of Audio Actors”

Audible highlights Richard Armitage this week in a video. She borrowed from us describing  his chocolaty baritone.  Her second favorite? Wanderslut.

21 thoughts on “Armitage: “The Daniel Day Lewis of Audio Actors”

    • I have my doubts that the enthusiastic pitcher is a fan…. I doubt she’s even listened to the audiobooks. This style is heading towards the hyper style of The Marvel After Show! Maybe I’m just the wrong age group for something like this.

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      • Yeah. Apart from the fact that there’s no actual coherent pitch here beyond her enthusiasm (and I agree, I don’t think she’s listened to the books — but I haven’t, either, so I can’t really fault her; and somehow they missed that he was in The Hobbit, not LOTR), usually the spectator is supposed to identify with the pitchwoman somehow. Honestly, this young woman is like one of my undergraduates telling me how much she loved reading the Iliad right before she informs me that she’s going to miss the next two weeks of class for some random reason and looks at me expectantly. This is emphatically *not* how I see myself.

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      • Oh, I agree she’s not a true fan, but a talking head.And I agree, she hasn’t listened to al the books – otherwise how could she ignore Hamlet or ( DC, where he was great, even if I hate the book ) How could Wanderlust be up there? Yeh – I’m in the wrong demo also.

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    • I don’t think she was a fan. I also don’t think she listened to all the books. IMO, Hamlet was both better narration and better work than R & J, and she didn’t mention DC, which probably wouldn’t appeal that much to the target audience for this segment.And Wanderlust – ugh. It was a lightweight piece. As to her DDL comment – one name comes to mind – John Proctor. No contest, and I’m not biased.

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      • Calling anyone “the Daniel Day Lewis of” anything is not really a compliment in my book. Om, he’s the obsessive, self-centered, narcissistic jerk of audiobooks? OK …


  1. I can’t even start to list what I did hate in this”promo”, from the DDL comparison to choosing Wanderlust as an example (apart my distaste with the genre, it is a poor performance and how could it be better? Impossible). They ignored the best of all, Hamlet. And the monumental David Copperfield, that didn’t convince me about Dickens but it’s a stunning performance. It’s a bait for that kind of fans they think RA has and yes, I feel so estranged in this fandom lately. More than I always was, that is 😛 Instead of this silly promo, they could show their esteem in RA as a performer giving him better material than they are currently doing.

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  2. Ewwwwwww!!! certainly not my segment of audiobooks listeners and i do now listen to more than just RA since i’ve got the subscription nearly 2 years ago. This would put me off and i’d be running in the exact opposite direction! (the Marvel after show had the same effect on me too). I mean who lives in his hyperexcited over-reacting state all the time? Not even the school kids on my morning bus act quite like this and they are in their early teens…

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    • I agree, also about the Marvel Wolverine – the after shows seem juvenile to me. The who enterprise has been a disappointment. ( Marvel) Not sure what I expected, but this wasn’t it.

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  3. I agree with all of you. So thrilled to see this is not a culture-clash – I don’t like this style of advertisement; it gets on my nerves. It’s too upbeat, hyped, trying to be sassy – and the pace…No, no, no! I agree that with this Audible are trying to attract another type of audience, because they think Armitage’s listeners will buy no matter what.

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    • In the past, when there were fewer books with long periods in between, I praised Audible’s marketing because they would give something back – like a the free Valentine’s Day Love Poems and fun BTS interviews and pics – but now I lean towards your view – this last one – with a call out to the Armitage Army with a video that was superficial and skewed to a demographic, has turned me off.


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