Today Will Be The Day for an @RCArmitage Tweet

Between the horrific tragedy in London, and the addition of Ashley Judd to Berlin Station, I would say this would be the day we would hear from Richard Armitage – and if not, something is a little screwy with him. I never worry about him, but surely he will have something to say once more facts are known. His silence would be deafening.

I’d like to think that, unlike the Orlando debacle, or perhaps having learned from it, he will take some time to find out the facts of who and why.

Problem is for him, can he do both successfully and if not, which would he choose?

29 thoughts on “Today Will Be The Day for an @RCArmitage Tweet

  1. yeah, not tweeting about London would be a dick move and confirm the sentiment of many British fans that he stopped caring about them when he moved to the U.S.

    I can’t believe I am saying that; I never really think he “should” tweet.


  2. He didn’t tweet about Berlin either, if I remember correctly. And he has colleagues and friends in that city. Well, he will get complaints either way. Not a desirable position to be in.
    But I have to disagree that not tweeting would mean he does not care, we just don’t know that. It would foster this sentiment of the British fans though.


    • Not sure if you’re “disagreeing” with me, but in fact, I did not say that he doesn’t care. I said (in rather vulgar terms) that it would be a social transgression not to tweet, and that not tweeting would confirm the sentiment of British fans. They’ve been talking about it for some time off and on, on C19.


        • I’d have to find the thread on C19 to reconstitute the discussion, but iirc the sentiment started with his failure to move back to the UK in 2012, and has been deepened by the fact that he hasn’t done any British TV since SB. I think, though, that a lot of people were frustrated by his publicity tweets for BSt. I saw so many objections this summer, any time he tweeted about it, that people in the UK couldn’t see it (legally). Some fans felt like he was rubbing their noses in it.


  3. This is completely uncorroborated and unsubstantiated: I have a feeling something is not right. Ever since the publicity for BS some weeks ago. I didn’t really like any of those little promotional interviews, because he seemed so uncomfortable. I don’t mind the silence on Twitter – it’s rather an annoying type of SoMe, and I mostly use it now as a sort of diary for when I go on holiday.
    Perry: Can I just say I enjoy your blog, and I’m sorry to see you leave this blog, if that is what you choose to do.


    • I’ve been feeling that since mid December. The way he rushed back to the UK with a breezy can’t stop I’m catching a plane. Weird. He seemed rather petulant and out of character.. He has always had a reputation of been courteous and gracious.
      Although tweets coming from other actors inBS haven’t been prolific.


  4. He is not tweeting for months, except for a couple of very antiseptic retweets: I believe that very few people could really be convinced that, if he does not tweet today, this means that he does not care. He has simply given up on social media, and I think that everyone, at heart, realized that, now … I’ll be more surprised if he tweets something, at this point.


    • If you read his Twitter feed, some fans think when he is away from social media, that he is intentionally staying away from them – they see it as a rejection. In other cases, fans think he ought to comment ( or ought not) on a particular current event. Many fans think his social media presence is for work-related, promotional obligations, period.

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