#RichardArmitage -Video/Interview/PhotoShoot



Charming. With reservations. I found it here on Me and Richard . She’s got the You Tube version right up top.

My reservations: I don’t like the turtle neck with the jacket; the lighting ( not his fault) that they’re using for the stills, makes him look a little vampire-ish; his eyebrows look very metrosexual. Very minor criticisms. I expect to see some great screen shots from fans.

So, today, he likes the truth and the best acting advice he ever got was from Kevin Spacey who told him, paraphrasing, don’t suck up to people just get to something from them.

Very timely, considering an irritation for me in the fandom these last few days.

Here’s a link for info on The Jane Hotel.



6 thoughts on “#RichardArmitage -Video/Interview/PhotoShoot

  1. LOL about the not sucking up. He had actually told this story about Spacey before (maybe in 2014?). I agree the coincidence is hilarious. I also found myself wondering if he liked that advice so well because he’s not naturally inclined to sucking up, i.e., it was permission to do as he preferred.


  2. Truth is, I’m not sure Kevin Spacey’s advice is that wise in his business. Or, maybe it’s better to think why you want to meet someone that you want to meet – and that reason may be a networking goal or something. I don’t know why – I have no basis for this feeling except a few fan comments long ago, when we saw some stills or vids from the one BAFTA LA tea party that I recall Armitage attending – (biker pants, blue and white striped shirt, no tie, blazer ( he dressed himelf) nape curls, badly dressed) and it was noted that Kevin Spacey walked past him or ignored him – or something like that, which I didn’t actually think happened when I saw the video. But ever since then, and despite the fact that Spacey was artistic director when Richard Armitage was hired for and played in The Crucible at the Old Vic, I have this irrational feeling that Kevin Spacey is not that interested in Richard Armitage. Totally baseless – almost. I do note that Armitage nominated Kevin Spacey for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge ( I thought it a bad move at the time – probably for these reasons, or non-reasons) and Spacey either declined outright or didn’t do it – can’t recall.
    So, I wonder whether the last time Richard Armitage told the Spacey story was during The Crucible run, and, again, a little irrationally – I wonder whether there’s some sucking up going on. Cynical.


    • I think it’s great advice for an artist, maybe not such great advice for a businessman (and we could ask which an actor should want to be, and as which of these or in what measure each of them Armitage see himself).

      My memory is that Spacey didn’t do it but he did make known that made the donation in place of doing the challenge.

      If telling that story at that time was sucking up it probably wasn’t very good sucking up.

      I have often felt that Armitage has a sort of talent for being in the right place at the right time (and then telling a good story about it later). Star Wars sort of fits into that narrative. In general I think he knows how to make connections.

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  3. I am not to crazy about that top photo of Mr. Richard Armitage. He looks like ( sorry to say this ) but a deer that is drunk or stoned out of his mind caught in headlights, and that turtleneck doesn’t look that great on him.


  4. Thanks Perry for the funny pics. He looks hilarious! Not a particular fan of turtleneck pullovers myself, but as we haven’t seen it on Mr. A. before, it is a new thing, and I love new things that are connected to Richie!!! Gives him a different air!!


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