Like so many, this is interesting, but old.

Ha. I’ve been looking for some demographic info on RTC’s subscribers ( all to comment or add to some discussions about the differing audiences for #LLLPlay), and I came across this article from almost 20 years ago. Still looking for something more current.

I think I’ve mentioned Lincoln Center ‘s unusual model – it may have changed or the price may have risen, but for a $25.00 membership fee, you got first crack at their offerings at a huge discount – but you still had to go to the box office or order tickets – nothing was automatically sent. I accidentally let my membership lapse one year, and it took me three years to get back on the list.

As far as Tony Randall’s National Actor’s Theater, it suffered a quick death when he died. Interestingly for us, in light of #LLLPlay, he was raked over the coals for casting himself, in his 70’s, as a 23 year old.






4 thoughts on “Like so many, this is interesting, but old.

  1. Seems like there’s a broad continuity there — theater audiences in NYC (at least for non-experimental productions) seem to track older, wealthier (whiter?) ?


    • Despite how it looked to some in the theater for #LLLPlay, I think there’s a reasonable sized subscriber demographic in their 40′ and Gen-xers. These might be corporate subscriptions or anyway, expense account subscriptions, because this is something people do for clients – take them to dinner and the theater. But I also know people this age who have subscriptions with other couples, and make it a regular evening out with dinner. But yes – no question – white and affluent. We would have a better idea overall if we could see the audiences on night by night basis for RTC’s less experimental or off-Broadway shows.

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  2. yup, audience was definitely a shocker for me…. as well as theatre attitude towards it. Thankfully in practice audience mixed a bit more but this work should have been pitched at a different audience than their normal subscribers. Most around me couldn’t make heads or tails of it and often didn’t even understand what was going on 😦


    • Wow. Well, I guess I experienced very different audiences. They were clearly subscribers and clearly older than me but they had no difficult understanding what was going on and being engaged with it. I think their regular subscribers were right in the sweet spot for this play, frankly.


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