#RichardArmitage Photo- Reminds Me of Young Stunning Alec Baldwin


Saw this on Me and Richard – check there for the link to the article. Amusing that he is deemed a fresh face, especially if you’ve seen or read #LLLPlay – or read Servetus’s detailed descriptions of Act II.


7 thoughts on “#RichardArmitage Photo- Reminds Me of Young Stunning Alec Baldwin

  1. I feel like these photos are different that most of what we’ve seen before and wondering why no one ever saw this in him before. The photographer is fairly young.


    • Did you write this comment before you saw the video? Because I just saw the video. Yeah – the photographer looks like he’s in his 20’s. Armitage seems relaxed and having a good time. There’s nothing forced about the candid shots – compare to that video series ( what was that = some outdoor space?) when he looked miserable


    • I totally agree. These photos (and the vid) are different. There are faces of him that I’m not familiar with to date. Maybe initially a bit irritating, but a fresh view on him is always welcome, and he seams so much more relaxed, and at ease (that stupid picture with him jammed inbetween the metal ladder and the wall just comes to my mind!! Ughhh…)

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  2. Meh, that’s pretty much the only image i like of it and there is another towards the end in left profile which is great. No issue at all with what he is wearing or his currently gorgeous hair and self, just the way it is presented. It’s a cute little interview though 🙂


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