Why You’d Never Get Lost in NYC – 9/11

Great article and slide show from The New Yorker.

See also:  armitageagonistes.wordpress.com/2013/09/11/rising/


4 thoughts on “Why You’d Never Get Lost in NYC – 9/11

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  3. Interesting article — that’s how you typically orient yourself in a continental European city, too, according to the nearest church tower. I have to say the street grid itself is more important to me in Manhattan, but I’m a tourist 🙂


    • I know the street grid in most neighborhoods but the grid falls apart n some neighborhoods. There are sections with triangles, pocket parks, and Avenues that cross one another -Christopher Street and Sheridan Square is a good example, Fifth Avenue and 23th Street is another (Flatiron Building). So, checking out the towers which were south, could get you set straight.


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