Dynamic Duo Hit the Park Again

10 thoughts on “Dynamic Duo Hit the Park Again

      • That’s part of it, but there’s more than that – making sure your dog isn;t aggressive, if he/she is, leashing or removing, watching the size difference, etc – there may be a separate place for smaller dogs. I always loved going to the dog runs in my neighborhood. I do not think they are actually in the run. I think they are outside the fence. Therefore, I do not think they have a dog in the run.

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  1. I zoomed it up as much as I could ( in order to establish which one of them is wearing the stupid hat) and I can see three dogs close up to them. Two German Shepherd types in front of them ( facing camera) and what looks like the back end of a Doberman behind them. So they are in the big dog part of the park – which makes me love them both just a little bit more.

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  2. ‘Dynamic Duo’ LOL.
    Not much dynamism going on by the looks of it. It’s apparently a pretty lazy afternoon.
    The dynamism is left for the dogs 🙂


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