Emmy Noms Tomorrow, and EW mentions Richard Armitage

here  Thanks to heather Parrish for the link: (Emmy Noms to be announced 11:30 a.m. EST tomorrow – live stream  at Emmys.com – Ach – I won’t be around)

Excerpt ( Under Best Drama Series – Wish List):

The first half of Hannibal’s final course served up meaty nightmares about self-destructive obsession, enmeshment, and vengeance, sauced with op-art sex scenes, baroque violence, and disturbing, meaningful grotesque. The second half, a novel reworking of Red Dragon, gave us a vital and vigorous serial killer performance by Richard Armitage – no small thing, given our serial killer-saturated pop culture – and pushed the strangest ’ship in TV history — doomed psycho-seer Will (Hugh Dancy), damnable psycho aesthete Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen) — over a cliff in a locked embrace and into the abyss. It was a sublime concluding statement about the dead-end fascination with abomination.

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