Emmy Noms Tomorrow, and EW mentions Richard Armitage

here  Thanks to heather Parrish for the link: (Emmy Noms to be announced 11:30 a.m. EST tomorrow – live stream  at Emmys.com – Ach – I won’t be around)

Excerpt ( Under Best Drama Series – Wish List):

The first half of Hannibal’s final course served up meaty nightmares about self-destructive obsession, enmeshment, and vengeance, sauced with op-art sex scenes, baroque violence, and disturbing, meaningful grotesque. The second half, a novel reworking of Red Dragon, gave us a vital and vigorous serial killer performance by Richard Armitage – no small thing, given our serial killer-saturated pop culture – and pushed the strangest ’ship in TV history — doomed psycho-seer Will (Hugh Dancy), damnable psycho aesthete Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen) — over a cliff in a locked embrace and into the abyss. It was a sublime concluding statement about the dead-end fascination with abomination.

Super Great Praise and Hope for Richard Armitage’s Emmy Chances

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Richard Armitage’s name is appearing on a number of Emmy prediction and/or “deserving of” lists.
This is from The Round Table

Guest performer categories are ones where, historically, excellent series get the consolation nod. Last year, Margo Martindale gave The Americans fans a small, small piece of satisfaction by winning in the Guest Actress category. Even though The Americans has had a tough time swaying enough of the voters to make it a major contender throughout the rest of the Drama categories, there’s some solace in any amount of recognition. If Martindale, why not Armitage? Richard Armitage haunts the second half of Hannibal’s third season by giving one of the most imposing, physical performances in years as Francis Dolarhyde, the Tooth Fairy. “The Great Red Dragon,” the first episode of that arc, begins with a dialog-less montage of the Tooth Fairy’s inception and is a terrifying evolution of self-discovery. Dolarhyde has been portrayed by actors as renowned as Tom Noonan and Ralph Fiennes, but Armitage makes the role his own and elevates it to the demanding level of quality at which Hannibal operates. With the popularity of the Hobbit films, Armitage has the added benefit of a bit more name recognition, but even without that boost, “The Great Red Dragon” showcases Armitage’s character as an opposing force to Hugh Dancy’s Will Graham that is as confounding, compelling and complicated as viewers could want out of a final antagonist for the series.

NBC Submits for Emmy Nom, Richard Armitage in The Great Red Dragon Episode

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You have to scroll down quite a bit to get to the category Best Guest Actor.

This means that NBC selected The Great Red Dragon Episode to put Richard Armitage on the ballot. It’s simply the first step in the process – there are well over 100 names on this initial ballot. Names are listed in alphabetical order. Members of Academy ( or some screening committee, first) will choose from among all the names until the field gets whittled down to around between 5 and 10 names. Those actors will be in the field for winners.