@RCArmitage’s Strange Hashtag

Is there something  I missed? Who’s not having fun? (Maybe the box office)


18 thoughts on “@RCArmitage’s Strange Hashtag

  1. There have been some pretty nasty tweets about how he doesn’t appreciate his fans and that he’s just stringing people along by not immediately making the promised announcements.


    • Oh dear. I missed all that. Where does one find those tweets? Don;t his fans realize that the announcement is completely out of his control, since the RTC has not announced the cast? Maybe they’re waiting to firm up one commitments from other actors.


      • They are definitely in the minority, but today they were setting off folks to defend him in reaction, then back and forth . . . . He’s a big boy in a tough industry, he doesn’t care if someone flames him on twitter – let the trolls troll, the sun will get them eventually.


        • Thanks for the compliment below ( or above – hard to tell where it will turn up on WordPress) For a blogger, I am sometimes out of the loop when it comes to replies to his tweets or accounts I don’t follow – so I was unaware of anything except the good fun most of us were having speculating, and then having that speculation apparently confirmed by him. More to the point, more people are excited about the movie, Mid Life Crisis.

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          • I hate to keep repeating the word, but it really has been ‘fun’ this time, hasn’t it? Everyone is seemingly having a ball with this non-announcement. We’re always thrilled with the announcement of any new RCA project, but this has generated a lot of ‘interactive’ excitement among us.

            -Hope this shows up somewhere logical in the comments. . . :sunglasses:

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      • I think I lost one of your comments. So there was a sockpuppet on this issue? I think most fans know the announcement is out of his control. In the past I’ve received info on new season line-ups for my subscriptions that didn’t have complete info. One I got one that said, ” A new play by Terrence O’Malley. I don’t know if he’d even finished writing it when the postcard came.


      • I’m home sick today so I’ve been surfing twitter ALL day out of boredom. Fans I recognize have been making rude comments, but the most recent multi tweet rant was definitely a troll. The so-called ‘fans’ that have been complaining are a few fawning chicks that always drive me nuts with their screaming for RA’s personal attention, and apparently others, because folks were quick to fire back at them. The back and forth was . . . petty.


        • Adding – I was on twitter because it’s been so much fun watching everyone put together every new piece of the project puzzles. It’s pure genius how both projects were discovered and clarified so quickly. Trolls and naysayers aside, I love how everyone throws out ideas, someone twigs to something mentioned and expands it, and boom = a movie and a play in full detail! Kudos to Perry and all for keeping everyone in the loop and keeping the exploration/explanation the fun that it really is.

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    • You know I was making a joke. I don’t know what he is all about. It’s all been looking like plenty of fun to me. Everyone knows, but the announcement is out of his control. You have PTSD and I’m irritating all my friends in NY.


  2. I’m slightly amused by all the speculation. I’ll just wait for the announcement to come. Hope that it is soon tho as I have to change my flights and book NY accommodation.


  3. ah well, chill Rich 😉 most of us are just having fun. Good thing i gave up even looking at anything else on his account that are not his own tweets years and years ago 🙂 So much more enjoyable without all the ho-ha 😉 My only anxiety is financial! LOL Can i get any flights at less than 500 pounds? How many things do i have to give up to even have a chance to afford it? to be really honest i’m so afraid the answer is no i am afraid to even research flights. Will only do it once confirmed and exact performance dates are known. I have no idea if in NY they do performances like in London ie 7-8/week?


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