Sleepwalker: Armitage as Mad Scientist?


tumblr_nme9904RLF1s1wqs9o1_500Maybe we are in the Twilight Zone with Sleepwalker, or maybe it’s IMDB that is ( keeping in mind that I think fans can add substance to a page.)

Not only has IMDB recently listed the film as being released in 2015 ( uh, hello?), but now, it has modified some of the plot line, and added additional info.

Here’s what it says now:

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 1.02.43 PM

Here’s the information that was given to the press, via Deadline at the time of the original announcement:


This film now sounds a little more like Sci Fi or Horror than a psychological drama.
I’m inclined to agree with some fan friends who think the IMDB plot summary is a mistake.

What do you think? Maybe we should Elliott Lester, who, lately, has been silent about this film.

22 thoughts on “Sleepwalker: Armitage as Mad Scientist?

  1. Maybe Mr. Lester was getting nowhere with it so re-edited it into this new incarnation. I just wish I could see this ‘handsome sleep researcher’ already!


  2. Sounds like a supernatural thriller kind of thing now???
    And ok, the illustration is grainy/pixellated, but what is that across Armitage’s forehead? Is he wearing an eyepatch??? Hello Capt. Hook!


  3. huh? that sounds utterly strange… maybe somebody confused that plot… it didn’t sounds like he was the kind of doctor to release experiments into the world… hm. This is getting fuzzier and fuzzier. And what is that thing on his face?? Doesn’t look like any normal pair of glasses…


    • As I said, I believe readers can submit additions to IMDB. Maybe that’s what happened. But the Mad Scientist part was never part of the plot we heard about. I’m almost worried about zombies.

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  4. That’s funny. Not funny hah-hah. Everything about how this project was promoted and how Elliott Lester operates has rubbed me the wrong way several times. I would/will still go see it, if it comes out, or buy the DVD if that ever happens, but I have always felt that something was off in this production–the badly planned late night shoots where actors (including Richard) had day calls but they didn’t use them (Richard especially) until like midnight, or the way Lester attempted to pad his Twitter account follows by baiting us and using Richard. Yeah. BUT, I loved Nightingale. So I am still hopeful.

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  5. Could they (I have no idea who “they” might be) be trying to re-brand the film into something else? Since it hasn’t gone anywhere in its first incarnation, maybe they are going for a different approach. I have no idea, but it sounds like they might be taking a new direction. But it could be just a simple mistake. At this point, I think they could turn it into a horror/comedy/romance/superhero action fillm and it wouldn’t help. But that is just me being pessimistic.

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    • Pessimism is warranted. After all, the film has been completed for a long while now. I tend to think it’s a mistake because that whole doctor unleashing evil on the world thing is brand new to me, and I don’t see how they could add that sort of plot with edits from footage they already have.

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  6. Who updates these IMDB pages anyway? Ha! The first vibe I had when I heard about the “Sleepwalker” film initially, was that it kind of had a Hitchcockian “Spellbound” feel to it–with twists and turns aplenty. Fantasy is okay–a la a similarly premised “Dreamscape”. But sci fi? Horror? Hope not. Ha!


  7. Did you notice just how many ‘Sleepwalker’ titles there are on imdb?! I wonder if someone updating mixed it up with the one in production (which is listed as a horror film). A friend in the biz leant me the script, so I can guarantee he’s not a mad scientist! Gratiana’s ‘Spellbound’ idea is more like it.

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