Richard Armitage x2 at Cannes? Could Happen.


8 thoughts on “Richard Armitage x2 at Cannes? Could Happen.

  1. It’s strange, since they said they hoped to show BoF at TIFF next September and it wasn’t finished until 2 weeks ago. Sorry, but how could they have submitted both films if you must enter before October? Do you know if an incomplete film can be submitted?
    Anyway, we know Richard won’t be in Cannes even if both movies should be there. Unless he is obliged 😛 But he’s just a secondary role in both films, so… not big chances to se “him” at Cannes.


    • @Micra. I’m a little confused about your three comments/ The October deadline you thought you recalled – are you referring to Urban and Cannes or the other films? Are you suggesting that Urban might have a chance at this year’s Cannes for a viewing? I’m a little rusty on the rules. I think I wrote a post about it last year.
      On another front, the Screendaily article seemed to intimate that BOF and Pilgrimage might be submitted for competition – but there is also a chance one or both could just be screened outside competition.


  2. The Irish film industry is on a roll a the moment, with Game of Thrones and some of Star Wars, being filmed there and it’s doing a cracking job promoting Irish and Irish connected TV and film, which may well include promoting Brain on Fire and Pilgrimage.

    Take a look on twitter at Scannain @Scannain_com and Irish Film & TV Net @IFTN

    Also, XYZ Films ‏@XYZFilms has tweeted a Pilgrimage pic –


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