Is Richard Armitage Faster Than A Speeding Bullet?

Because he may have dodged one. Or did he?  It’s early days yet, but seems like Batman/Wayne is getting more of the love ( and screen time), and that there’s more Bruce Wayne than caped and covered Batman. See, here and here for a summary of reviews.

(for those who may not know, Richard Armitage was at least briefly considered for the role of Batman, given to Ben Affleck) we had a high time in the fandom for a while.RArumored to play batman


From Tumblr: synathroesmus

6 thoughts on “Is Richard Armitage Faster Than A Speeding Bullet?

  1. I have to say, if he would have been Batman, I would camp out for tickets…As it stands, I shall wait for the dvd, or rent it, to see the new Batman….Not a big fan of the choice of Afleck for Bruce Wayne


  2. Well, they said it since the beginning. It seems DC can’t really compete with Marvel. Not that I like these movies at all, I – sorry – hate superheroes movies, bur BVS began under a bad star. Already criticized even before the cast was announced. Anyway, in the end only box office performance will count.
    I think Warner Bros needs to find good projects soon, because they are having one debacle after the other.


  3. If ever RA were to play a superhero, I think I would vote precisely for Batman, a character who can give to an actor the chance to test his acting skills as well as his forceful physical presence, if the script is well written… something you cannot expect from less tormented superheroes “without blemish and without fear”, as we say in Italy.


  4. I only now saw how would RA look like with mask on. XD Well, no complaint on my part. Anyway, i like Batman, but not a huge fan – i will watch it on tv, but would not go to theater. Unless, by some miracle, RA would play him. 😀


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