More Audible Richard Armitage – Available Now

Thanks to RA Bulgaria Facebook page, for the link  here

I love Henry James, just not this one, and only a little over four hours to boot. But, if, like me, you need to hear, see everything Armitage, I figure, it’s worth one credit on Audible.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 9.12.47 AM

8 thoughts on “More Audible Richard Armitage – Available Now

  1. Already bought and listened to Richard’s narration of the Prologue. It’s ca. 18 minutes. Obviously, perfectly “performed”.
    Now back to listen to the last 5 hours of that masterpiece (from the narration pov) that David Copperfield is 😉


    • I had NO INTERNET for two whole days – and missed a lot of stuff ( Berlin Station mainly), so I was happy to see this. Will be listening later, after I catch up on two days worth of emails, posts and TV I missed. Happy to hear it’s 18 minutes long.


      • Argh! It’s more than 10 days I have connections troubles, very slow speed and black-outs. I called many times but still no solution on sight 😦


        • Yes, and if you buy it through Audible it’s listed as $10.46 but if you buy the audio version through Amazon’s Kindle page it’s $5.57. A bit of a screw up in there, but I figure $5.57 is worth it for 18 minutes of Armitage. We’ll see if his prologue entices me to listen to the other 4+ hours… horror is not my usual cup of tea, but I do like Emma Thompson. =)


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