My Emmy Dream Come True?

Thanks to Servetus on Me and Richard for posting a link to this article suggesting that Richard Armitage should receive an Emmy nomination for his guest role in HannibalHere

I don’t know who Gold Derby’s Daniel Montgomery is, who how successful a track record he has for predicting nominations,  but it is true, endorphins soared while I read this article and I feel rewarded for my good works today, volunteering for a spay/neutering program and helping  64 dogs and cats get through recovery after surgery today.

I’m probably a little more optimistic than Servetus that an Emmy nom may come, just because it’s so deserving and I still want to believe that talent will win out over other factors.

These were a few of the highlights for me:

[Armitage/Dolarhyde] speaks and moves as if apologizing for the space he occupies. Then he meets a film developer, Reba (“True Blood” alum Rutina Wesley)

More than perhaps any other villain in the show’s entire run, he channels a demonic rage that is downright otherworldly. Standing six-foot-two, Armitage has an imposing physical presence; with Reba he seems to cower in that height, but as the Dragon he towers with menace. To think, this is the same actor who played the diminutive dwarf Thorin for three years in the “Hobbit” films; seeing the two characters side by side, you’d never know it’s the same actor.

Pure joy to read, but there are some of us who will always be able to know it’s the same actor, because we know what he can do. This brings back to mind some interviews by Richard Armitage during Hobbit press tours, which makes one wonder about the irony of his being so good and versatile that casting directors can’t believe it either.


11 thoughts on “My Emmy Dream Come True?

  1. I read this quote recently in an article about what is next for the actors of Downton Abbey. Reminded me of Richard’s choices. British actors are especially keen on variety and like “to move away from things they’ve been previously successful with,” Neame said.


    • Very uplifting and deserved. Richard totally inhabits the skin of each character, their heart soul and mind. I marvel at how one person can be so chamelion-like, almost unrecognisable. Think he’s as good as if not better than Daniel Day-Lewis, – and he won 3 Oscars!
      Keep fingers, toes crossed that he gets the recognition he so richly deserves.


  2. I think he totally deserves a nomination! In fact I wish he could win!! He was incredible in Hannibal (as he is in so many roles he “inhabits”) even though he scared me to death at times! I had told myself I wouldn’t watch the series although I admit to only watching the episodes he was in 😦 In one scene I actually said out loud, “He’s magnificent!!” Now I’m longing to see him in all the other productions which haven’t yet been released!


  3. I’m reallly looking forward to ‘Urban and the shed crew’, and ‘ Pilgrimage’ as it was shot in Ireland where I live.


  4. Keeping my fingers crossed! Richard really deserves every nomination – I could still complain that he got “only” the Saturn Award for playing Thorin in The Battle of the Five Armies, he was so amazing … well, he ALWAYS is. I never get the feeling that he’s acting, he always seems so natural, as if he IS the character. Can be quite disturbing like with Francis Dolarhyde, but he still manages to make him human, someone who feel for. I remember telling myself after one episode of Hannibal: “Well, he was pretty scaring … but if he stood at my door, I’d open it …” So to sum up: Richard totally deserves all nominations!
    And I think we can also agree that we fans know our Richard, no matter if he is a dwarf, a serial killer, a knight, whatever … It’s the stunning eyes 🙂


  5. I have nil hope for a nomination, but reading this is wonderful. It’s great to know there are people able to see talent and skill when they meet them, but sadly Emmys are just industry awards and don’t take these “details” into account. Like Oscars or any other big award. You must be in the right circles to be nominated, let alone win, one of these awards. And we know Richard is a total outsider.


  6. I think the nomination will be harder than a win would be if he is nominated. But at any rate, I am always pleased to see Richard getting recognition for his incredibly powerful and nuanced performance in Hannibal.


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