So there was an actual meeting

Wow! Proof. I think there was a rumor from a film website about a meeting, but it didn’t seem that credible and wasn’t confirmed. Richard Armitage, when asked, said he would love to play Batman.


15 thoughts on “So there was an actual meeting

  1. So… he keeps failing big movies. I wonder why. Lee Pace failing Star Lord and Kylo Ren comes to mind. Studios need people with high visibility and ready to become a puppet in their hands. Attending social events with a partner, making interviews with magazines, having a star life style.
    So, he has 2 alternatives: changing his life or stopping to aim to projects like this.


  2. And Josh Brolin failed, and all the other big names who we heard were in contention. Also, we learned that Affleck was the true choice all along. What other “big movie” we did learn that he “failed?”


    • Well I’m glad he’s not in this one, who knows what the future will bring. Plenty villans in the superhero universe. Doubt it has anything to do with living any star life. If there is such a thing, several British actors who’ve been in these come to mind who still live normal lives and don’t tend to drag partners if they have them to these things. Sorry Perry tagged this reply here instead of directly to post


    • But it’s exactly what people want! They want stories, divorces, cheatings, happy families reunited, Ben and ex wife going to Mass on Sunday… this is what audience wants. You have to play the game, call paparazzi to be pictured in Mikonos in Spedoos, while you’re going out from a restaurant with you partner, and so on. This is the game an A-list must play. No game, no big movies.


        • I just saw a lot of previews for Marvel films and they didn’t really draw me in, despite the presence of McAvoy and Fassbender! Plus it seems that you have to already know the stories for the sequels to make any sense.

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          • yes the Xmen have been going for a while, Patrick Stewart was the original Professor X and Hugh Jackman Wolverine 🙂 Well, he still is.. there has been quite a few, some are better than others. McAvoy has great chemistry with Fassbender. It’s this series i have probably watched longer as i watched the first ones with Stewart in them… and Batman which might be the longest running of this type, where i haven’t seen all. Quantity with these things always comes with some quality problems i find.

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            • Yes, I would like to see Fassy and McAvoy but I’m afraid to put in the time to get caught up on the story. I did see one of the movies with Stewart and thought he was good, even if the film as a whole was disappointing.
              I watched the Batman TV show as a kid, so the story was not as alien to me as X-men. I think the best Batman movies are the original one with Michael Keaton, directed by Tim Burton, and “The Dark Knight” which was the one with Heath Ledger as the Joker. But I admit I’ve not seen all of them, and some are absolute junk. (George Clooney… arrrrgh)

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              • yes, i did skip some of the Batman ones consciously 😉 I didn’t see any of them at the cinema except the very last Xmen one, all of them i saw on telly when they were on 🙂 So no rush 🙂 i did like that Dark knight one too 🙂 and the Keaton onces with Michele P as cat women.. meow 🙂

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              • Yes, Michelle was perfect as Catwoman 🙂 I liked the way Tim Burton deglamorized Batman and showed how weird it is to put on a Bat costume and roam around as a vigilante. That’s what troubles me about the superhero movies, I suppose. Whenever I see their hyper macho yet silly costumes, I start laughing. It reminds me of that one really homoerotic Batman where his costume had these prominent nipples… to say nothing of the codpiece.

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  3. I guess I missed the part where he “failed” to win the part. Perhaps coming out of a massive film franchise, he wasn’t terribly interested in entering another one, and passed on Batman before it got to that stage. I have no idea really…Snyder could have had Affleck in mind all along and met with others to maintain the illusion longer. We really can’t know exactly how the process went or exactly what Richard Armitage seeks from his career. I can’t bring myself to lament over this one.


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