Lucky 13 – Richard Armitage Makes Glamour’s List

of the 100 sexiest men alive. HereRichard-Armitage-Glamour-25Jan15-getty_b_449x675Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 7.17.09 AM

And guess who’s number 1 on the list – our very own Side Dish

Thanks to Micra and Veloce for the link.

11 thoughts on “Lucky 13 – Richard Armitage Makes Glamour’s List

  1. well, glad they’re both on, not that it makes a difference 😉 Not the best photos of either 😉 what does it say about me that i don’t know who the majority of them are? Basically almost everyone under 35 eludes me LOL


  2. IIRC, even though he was 16th on their list last year, he wasn’t included in their voting list this year and you had to type in his name laboriously in the ‘Other’ section. Would he have been higher if people had only had to click against his name? The grim photograph, when most other contenders are shown in a glamorous suit, is probably the magazine’s attempt to demonstrate that he is neither sexy nor glamorous and that we were therefore wrong in our choice, LOL!


    • The linked worked. I’d read that Poldark was renewed, but I had not read that BBC plans to keep it going until 2020 – probably as long as the original. It’s interesting, though, because I thought the first season moved much more quickly than the original series.


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