She’s No Pimp!

Hmmm. Be careful what you wish for Marlise.  I think some Richard Armitage fans will definitely be reporting on this. See here, This is rich, isn’t it Rich?

Dear Richard Armitage Fans,

I am reporting on the topic of fans bothering Marlise Boland with requests to set them up on dates with Richard Armitage.

Please stop bugging busy Marlise Boland with private messages asking her to set you up on a date with Richard Armitage. Despite how it may sometimes appear, she is not a pimp. And she is very, very busy  doing British things, like having high tea, eating lots of foods with clotted cream, learning Britishisms and staying two steps behind the British entertainment news.

It must be so, because she never has the time to reply to even one  comment on her TAC Facebook page and dashes off only the briefest acknowledgements on her WordPress blog, which averages less than one comment per post.

Please be considerate of  poor Marlise Boland, having to ignore PMs and DMs all day long. Those clicks to open messages can be soooo time-consuming.

Further, you should  know that Marlise Boland has not  the juice to arrange a fan date with Richard Armitage. I don’t think she any  longer can arrange  her own date with Armitage.

Please restrain yourselves from engaging in this untoward, selfish, and frankly useless behavior. Because Marlise is #QuiteAnnoyed, and she will tell you so herself in an upcoming article, the purpose of which seems to be  to mobilize factions of the Richard Armitage fandom to come down hard on fellow fans by engaging in insults, chastisement and even bullying to protect herself from unnecessary clicks during her busy work days.

And to all Richard Armitage fan groups out there, especially those of you who do take the time to answer your comments,  please use your platforms to report on Marlise Boland’s serious problem and use your clout to make other fans cease and desist from this selfish, inconsiderate, and useless behavior. Because we don’t want Marlise Boland to be #QuiteAnnoyed.

And it is so TAC-Y.




42 thoughts on “She’s No Pimp!

  1. I think I should elaborate or mention something here. I know that Marlise has a following who are quite fond of her and I can appreciate and respect that. She has created a niche for herself in the media, which makes her subject to this sort of thing. Although I don’t wish for anyone to go through that kind of harassment (trolled), members of the media typically deal with it using the tools they are provided–tools we are ALL provided when we use social networks and email account services.

    People in the media either write reflective articles about what they are going through when they are trolled, or they say nothing publicly and address things like adults – by reporting to the proper administrator. And that is all.

    However it should be noted that, as a YouTube content provider, she is not just a reporter. She is actively making a living through that medium, so when followers who ‘click’ it makes her money. She might get paid for freelance reporting as well, I don’t know. Now there is nothing wrong with making a living in that way, except in how you actually go about obtaining such clicks. But here’s the thing: I have, for quite a while now, been uncomfortable with how she operates and have seen it first hand at some events. (Just a handful.) My judgment in that way is my own and for my own reasons. But seeing how she operates only confirmed my gut feeling on how the whole Favorite British Artist thing was handled a few years ago.

    With this recent Twitter “plea” she has made, real harassment or not, she has created potential click bait and I believe is actively manipulating the fandom in a way that is angering me. She is also creating drama where there needs to be none. Up until this point I just avoided her posts, etc, and let live. But it had to be said so that those out there who are “appalled” by this alleged fan behavior can have some perspective.

    Our fandom should not continuously be insulted by the few who may (or may not) be doing things in the background or may not even be fans at all.

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    • Certainly one of my gripes about her is how she treats this fandom, which, in my opinion, gave her the boost she needed when she started out. I always wonder whether, if Cumberbatch or Tennant won the Fave British Artist, would she have scored a two-part interview with the winner? I think not, and I so, I also wonder whether she “selected” the winner because he might be more accessible, and because his fandom was easy pickin’s for her. Further, she had to know, from past experience, that her tweets in the above convos would result in backlash from a vocal and critical element of the fandom. So yeah, I think we’re bait again.

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      • Yes indeed. And to clarify what I said about media writing articles about such issues, I meant the informative of an issue, non-whiny kind, not the “look what is being done to me” kind–the latter being what we might see from Ms. Boland.


      • It’s what I believe also, but we have no way of knowing. But regardless, I think what has been happening to her likely has nothing to do with Richard himself, but more with attempting to annoy or provoke her. If she doesn’t know how to handle trolls, that is her issue. For her to be public about it paints the fandom as either desperate or as zealot-like freaks, and that nonsense has to be addressed.

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        • It makes us sound delusional (ahem, which despite my name I am not!) and frantic. But the majority of members of our army know this is not the case and we are all just getting along and sharing our love for RA in a perfectly respectable and responsible manner.

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    • I’ve been insulted all my life. I doesn’t bother me one bit what she tweeted. The only thing that bothers me is how people negatively responded to her. She did not mention the whole Richard Armitage fandom, she just asked for help from fans to put a stop to fans PM her about hook up dates with celebs.
      Plus, it would be funny if she was a madam of the British celebrities. I wonder if she could hook me up with Gandalf or Gollum. I definitely like my whores gay and old. LOL


  2. I don’t think anyone should be hating on this lady. It’s just unfortunate how she handled the situation. It doesn’t make people any better than her when they react or comment negatively towards her actions. I think she’s human like the rest of us and was just showing her frustrations. Plus, she’s hilarious. 😄


    • I think she’s hilarious, too, but not for the same reasons as you do. She’s not that stupid. She had to know, based on prior experience, what would happen with these tweets. She is inciting one part of the fandom to police the other, and in some circles, that’s a no no.

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  3. Great post. I suppose apologies to Marlise are in order. I was sure she could arrange a date with Richard for me. After all she is a good friend of his. I let her know many times I would be willing to travel and Richard could chose our activity. I even sent tasteful pictures of myself in a raincoat (buttoned up) because I understand posing in a bikini might offend his sensibilities or cause hysterical laughter, exreme indigestion or fear/dread.


  4. Great take on the whole PM-Gate. Honestly, I have no idea how celebrities deal with all the response they elicit on Social Media. If only people just read quietly, reblogged, retweeted and clicked on the links – but no responses, please and thank you.

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  5. RA follows Anglophile Channel on Twitter, so maybe she thinks he’ll be reading these tweets and her replies and that it might prompt him to engage with her, in some way, again?!


    • Good point. But I think her first tweet only hash-tagged him. It wasn’t until another conversation, in which the person who replied added in his @RCArmitage, that she left it in.


    • Bingo, both Perry & Crystal! I was a brand new fan in Feb-Mar 2014 & those interviews were one of the first things I watched, so they will always be special to me. But I’m hard to annoy, and her rant has REALLY annoyed me. Especially because, as you said, Crystal, it REALLY wouldn’t be that difficult to deal with, especially for a professional. I even suggested to her how to deal with it and she hasn’t responded, but I really didn’t expect that.
      So Perry, great job following through w/her request 😉 and great insights, Crystal…. I hadn’t fully considered all the click-bait implications.


    • Lucky you though, Linnet. Mr. H seems to have a much more tranquil fandom. On the other hand, it gave me something to write about, when I was almost stuck describing a Richard III slot machine I found in las Vegas.

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      • Mr. H. has a much smaller fandom of (ahem) mature ladies. We have our minor ups and downs, but on the whole, I agree that we are fortunate. He doesn’t have FB or Twitter, and as much as I long for something interesting during the drought periods, I think the fandom is better off that way. Plus Marlise has never shown an interest in him so far as I know, LOL. I’d hate to have to ask her for a date.
        A Richard III slot machine? That’s fantastic! I hope you have pictures.


  6. It’s surreal and hilarious but too apparently silly and out of the blue to be this innocent Best thing is to keep ignoring, otherwise was in stiches imagining an attempt at interviewing David Tennant 😂😁😅 or rather him describing the encounter lol


    • I haven’t seen that many DT interviews ( I’ve seen some) – does he get snappish when pressed? I know BC does, but I don’t think she has a chance at him, except a snag on a red carpet.


      • No, not at all snappish, just very humorous (basically taking the piss in a very Scottish way ;-)) He’s known for sharing encounters with fans and interviewers in other interviews – the more outrageous the more he enjoys sharing them :-p I’ve heard the story of the man who asked him for an autograph in a gym shower while both naked and wet a few times 😀 and many more. He keeps people on their toes in interactions, especially press 🙂 But very lovely to fans , he’s just generally wittily reactive from what i have seen.


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