Here’s My Shrine Anthology

Guylty’s Photo Book, The Art of Shrining, is in her talented hands. ( And it could be in yours)

Guylty Pleasure

RAPS Book CoverWell, that was quick. I ordered my vanity project RAPS photo book on the 5th of January – and yesterday the finished product was delivered by mail. Unlike a few other photo books that I had ordered in recent times, I loved the quality of this one immediately. It looks like it *is* a proper book – with a linen hard cover, a printed protection sleeve with my cover design, and it is substantially thick (about 1 cm) on account of its 173 pages. The print quality is great. And even though this is only a book to satisfy my own vanity, made for a readership of 1, it is immensely satisfying to have. Something about the tangibility of a printed book… In absence of the actual shrines, I sometimes find it hard to believe I have made more than 100 of those little boxes of love. The book makes my shrine project…

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