A Word to Perry from a LAMDA Classmate of Richard Armitage

Nice surprise: This was in response to my previous post, here

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 8.10.48 AM


10 thoughts on “A Word to Perry from a LAMDA Classmate of Richard Armitage

      • Well, that’s what I meant and it was only said with a wink… I really do not doubt that he was a dancer in Cats, but we haven’t seen him *properly* move to music since then. It *really* is time for either a period piece with a bit of ballroom dancing (“Summer”???) or a Rom-Com. Probably no chance of the latter…
        BTW – that was really an interesting insight in that blog you linked to. Movement class – could be interesting for *anyone* who occasionally has to “present” in front of people…


        • Thanks. I’ve explored that blog and find it interesting. So now I’m wondering, with his keen attention to movement and apparent knowledge of the physiology, how many of his facial expressions, that we discuss as micro expressions, are involuntary, and how many are intentional? He more or less told us in his blog post that he knows every muscle in the face.


          • Yes, it was a very interesting read. I wonder whether facial acting is subsumed under “movement”? I’ve always thought RA’s masterful facial acting/microexpressions were a mixture of acting instinctively and acting deliberately.


  1. Fascinating and just makes me want even more to see and hear more of his dancing + singing abilities; really doesn’t have to be in a musical. Would love to see him in an period piece from the 30-40’s maybe with some dancing.. sigh 🙂


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