OT: Playing for Time. Need an Arthur Miller Fix before Tuesday?

I’m calling out  Playing for Time. It appears to worth seeing. It probably contains some similar themes to The Crucible, but I confess that it is unlikely that I will watch it ( I’m jusy listening now) because some years ago, I swore off all Nazi- Hitler- concentration camp- related works. ( But not war movies).  I’ve made some exceptions –  Schindler’s List, The Shawl, The Counterfeiters ( but couldn’t bear The Boy in Striped Pajamas.) 

Primetime Emmy Award

Golden Globe Award

This came to my attention through Google search, ( The Crucible + Telegraph)  because coincidentally, the stage version is currently playing at The Crucible, in Sheffield UK and The Telegraph reported on it..

Playing for Time , is a television miniseries ( the complete production is on You Tube, below written by Arthur Miller with the film’s subject, Fania Félenon. ( It’s a fictionalized version  of real events) It was shown on CBS television in 1980 and won or was nominated for the following awards:

It’s about some Jewish women in a concentration camp who save their lives by entertaining Nazi’s by  playing in an orchestra,

I’m not sure I can write one more word about it, but who knows?

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