Side Dish: Poldark Ep. 2 – If Perry were tweeting

cousin francs shows some spunk. I feel sorry for him.

blacksmiths become bankers.

shades of persuasion – spinster and sea captain

the darcy dance at the assembly

how verity is dismissed – Even the good man in her life dismisses her happiness.

whoa – just one service is all I need.

And uncle wants Poldark to help Francis

George/Iago- they know. George – lurking around like – wherever your turn – he’s there.

mixed motives, guilty responsibility, self- interest, family.

ross and eliz really too brazen. makes no sense.

whoa – just one service is all I need.

Ah – good Verity

Ridiculous duel. But Verity’s not giving up

loved the scene with ruth and mother

Man, those horses, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

Why does everyone choose to ride closest to the clff?

I’m thoroughly enjoying this series. I can’t recall much about the original, except that I binged on it about 2 years ago.

5 thoughts on “Side Dish: Poldark Ep. 2 – If Perry were tweeting

  1. There’s also the other Darcy moment when he takes a dip in the sea. Unashamedly I have to say I was disappointed the scene only lasted seconds & we only saw his back! (though that did look very muscular)


  2. Yes, Persuasion, with your favorite, and one of mine. I remember very little about the original Poldark, which I binged on over a weekend a few years ago, so I didn’t recall this plot line at all, or even the character of Verity. Sea Captain deemed unworthy ( here for a different reason), spinster, sensible daughter too useful to her family to give up. As to the Colin Firth moment, Ross Poldark is not the gentleman Darcy was, at least not in his actions, but the dance, which we often see in this period dramas, brought it back. I would say there was a different sort of tension, since Ross and Elizabeth had a past, and Darcy and Elizabeth were just getting started.


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